Sunday, June 29, 2008

Neither Atlanta nor vinyl, but this is still awesome.

Artist: Cars Can Be Blue
Title: Doubly Unbeatable
Label: Happy Happy Birthday to Me (HHBTM)
Release date: June 2008

Athens-based comedic duo Cars Can Be Blue's new album "Doubly Unbeatable" is an interesting mix of funny and vengeful lyrics backed by some of the sweetest sounding powerpop to recently come out of their music-saturated city.

The album, released in June by Athens' HHBTM Records, contains some rather biting anti-love songs like "Hope You're Hurting" and "Seems We're Breaking Up." While these tracks make me smile, I can't help but believe the lyrics came from real hurt felt by vocalist/guitarist Becky Ann Brooks.

Other themes tackled by Cars Can Be Blue include starfuckers from both genders, politics, penises and perscription drug adicts.

My favorite track is "Eyeballs" because the band departs from its pop tendencies and delivers a trashy garage rock song. And it has memorable lyrics like "I've got my finger pointed at you. I guess I'm finger-fucking you."

Favorite track honorable mention goes to "Merch Song," since CCBB finds a way to turn the often obnoxious merchandise table mention into a track that makes me want to laugh and dance around my house.

Normally, I don't care for a mix between comedy and rock (unless it's The Vandals), but CCBB manages to balance being one of Athens' best pop groups and a hoot both live and in the studio.

Cars Can Be Blue were for whatever reason not on my radar until they played a show with The Coathangers in May. Since then, I've been looking forward to their next trip to Atlanta. Anyone who checks out this album will likely catch their next Atlanta show with me.