Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The best pick on partying's amateur night

This disgusting manbeast, created with parts of Bill Goldberg and Bobby Ubangi, wants you to check out the best NYE bill, top to botton, in town.

With The Black Lips gig sold out and The Coathangers' show likely to be pretty packed, there will probably be a chance to get into this one and see all the ex-Carbonas perform along with some of the best young up-and-comers (The Carnivores and Balkans), reckless hard-art-rockers (Hawks), and the sonic dreamworld wove by The N.E.C.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Free Old King Cole Younger set tonight

Cole Alexander of The Black Lips will do a 20-minute set of his solo stuff tonight (Wednesday) at 529. The show is free and will also feature Creative Loafing's Chad Radford on the 1s and 2s.

Huge Rob's House Records sale!

Trey sent this email earlier today:
Happy Holidays!

Seems like a lot of labels are doing year end sales... so here's one from Rob's House.

We've got a small handful of SIDS Winter 7"s left and while it's an amazing record I'm worried that its xmas ties are gonna cause it to collect dust now that Christmas has passed. So...

BUY any Rob's House 7" and get the SIDS Winter 7" for free (while supplies last)...


BUY any Rob's House LP and get the SIDS Winter 7" (while supplies last) and any other 7" (please specify during PayPal checkout) for free ...

not, sure how long we'll run this deal, depends on the response. so hurry over to:

Rob's House LPs include the Coathangers debut, the Bobby Ubangi solo album, and The Weakends' first full-length. Seven-inches in stock include SIDS and Fe Fi Fo Fums represses and singles by current Atlanta punks G.G. King, The Customers, and Predator.

You'd be silly to pass this deal up, unless you already own all these records.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Show of the Year: Carbonas reform for July 4 benefit

Once again, an amazing show sticks out above all others as the 7 Inch Atlanta show of the year.

This blog started in May 2008, and by the time show reviews became the norm, the first night of the inaugural Atlanta Mess-Around set the bar. Out-of-towners like Wax Museums and Baby Shakes and local vets in The All-Night Drug Prowling Wolves shared the bill with scene mainstays The Gaye Blades (featuring Bobby Ubangi) and Carbonas. As if the bill was not stacked enough already, our faithful local record labels delivered The Spits.

On that night, The Carbonas were everything we knew they could be, whipping the crowd into a ruckus and inspiring Chris Van Etten to throw down his bass and leap into the crowd at set's end.

Less than a year later, on Independence Day 2009, The "on-hiatus" Carbonas reformed to play what was meant to be a benefit for the living expenses of Bobby Ubangi three days after one of the band's founders lost a lengthy battle with cancer. Was this Carbonas set, which featured a guest appearance by pre-Jesse bass player Jeremy Thompson, as good as the Mess-Around? No. But it was fitting they closed out a concert that brought a lot of grieving friends and some of Atlanta's newest and best punk bands together. Also on the bill that night were The Barreracudas, Predator, and The Customers. This show, which raised funds for Ubangi's burial, was the last in a long line of "Bobby Ubangi Preservation Society" shows, as the scene really pulled together time and time again for one of its favorite sons.

A distant second in the Show of the Year argument was 7 Inch Atlanta's first, and likely last, chance to cover a Mika Miko show.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not quite SIDS, but better than some of the UK's finest

Artist: Diet Cola
Title: S/T 7"
Label: Army of Bad Luck
Release date: 2008?
Release number: ABL008
Vinyl color: White

This, the least hyped Deerhunter side project, has Josh Fauver's fingerprints all over it, so I went into this nugget from the Army of Bad Luck back catalog hoping it'd be almost as good as SIDS (a band that also features Fauver) and better than half of the electro-Euro-shit we're all supposed to adore.

The opener, "Easy Learning", has a DIY feel to it, if only because a cough can be heard above the electronic whizzing at the beginning of the song. Beneath the screams is electronic punk reminiscent of an older Jay Reatard band or two.

"Wicked Witch of the Northeast" sounds cool enough to be the song title of a SIDS song, though it's not as clever or downright awesome as "Space Ranger in a Manger". Who cares about song titles, though, when faux bells are ringing? The church bell effects during this tune's mellow, haunting chorus will remind you of being in a mellow drug trance, but, for better or worse, the song kicks into high gear before you can reach for the mushrooms.

The guitar work in "Sick Modern" and the song's pop-fuzz sensibilities make the b-side opener the critic's favorite, but it lacks the weirdness and sense of adventure found in the other songs on this release.

The closer, "Anything Poisonous", brings back the chorus with mellow lyrics accelerating into musical chaos and screaming found in "Wicked Witch of the Northeast". This time, it's piano-based beauty reminscent of some of The Dresden Dolls' slower numbers slamming into a (brick) wall of electronic and guitar sound.

Is this as good as SIDS? No. Is it better than a lot of comparable bands out there, especially the ones in London we're supposed to fawn all over? By far.

Free and legal X-mas badassery for Cramps fans

Check it out.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dog Food!

The Barreracudas' funniest, silliest, most danceworthy song, "Dog Food", is now available thanks to the folks at Bachelor Records. It looks like they've also got a Pipsqueak 7" waiting in the wings.

Don't forget the Star Bar show tonight, as there will be free pizza, puppets, gifts, Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction, Shining Path, and more.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday puppet show

This Wednesday night gig doubles as Alex's birthday party. I'm a little fuzzy on who is playing (Shining Path might be there), but Alex, AKA Knoel Alone, gets his "free pizza" and puppet show messages across clear with this flyer.

Expanded list of the year's top albums

End of the year lists are kind of stupid, but I'm stuck at my parent's house already for the holidays and the stack of records I still need to review are at my apartment. I've already written about all of these releases, but here's hoping by reminding myself of why I liked these albums you, too, will want to give them all another spin.

The Spits, IV: Why this band does not receive as much fanfare as the Jay Reatards of the world is beyond me. Catchy as hell; shitty and weird, if not mindless; macho in a cartoony way, like The Dictators. All of that describes this band, a group that has for a third time matched the bizarre charm of their debut album. I can't really name a favorite track, but I can't name a least favorite track off top of my head, either. How's that for a ringing endorsement of a band I just called shitty?

The Coathangers, Scramble: Casio sound effects have never sounded better. While The Vivian Girls failed to match the quality of their debut, The Coathangers made their first album and both 7"s yesterday's papers overnight. I've seen this band grow over the past three years, and while I've had friends release better music, I don't think I've ever been more proud of a group than I was at the LP release show for Scramble. The highlight has to be "Cheap Cheap", as it's a tambourine-shaking garage rock stomper that strays away from the typical Coathangers formula.

Vivian Girls, Everything Goes Wrong: Following up one of the best albums of the young centry was tough work, but these girls nearly did it. While this LP fails to match the band's near-perfect debut, Ally's drumming and the fusion of that upbeat county-and-western vibe into a few of tracks are welcome changes.

Plexi 3, Tides of Change: Friends further from home mix powerpop and garage rock vibes on their first proper LP. Bassist Adam Widener's new role as part-time lead singer has lead to several pleasant surprises. While there's not a gelding in the bunch, the best song has to be "P.O. Box 9847", as the mod dance party speeds up while the girl group vocals remain.

The Spooks, Death From Beyond The Grave: After several years of delay and three attempts at recording this mish-mash of electro-punk, Halloween music, and krautrock, the best Black Lips side project did not disappoint.

Check back next year to be reminded about how much we all enjoyed albums by Predator and The Cute Lepers in 2010.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Video of the Week: Who I think had the album of the year...

What were you expecting, The Vivian Girls? I expected them to have the best album, too, but their amazing sophomore release barely fails to reach the mark set by their near-perfect debut album. The Spits, on the other hand, just matched the quality (in the shittiest sense of the term) and weirdness of their debut for a third time and cemented their place at the top of the garage-punk world.

None of that resembles hyperbole to me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

News and notes

* The Vivian Girls have a new song up on their Myspace. It's a Cover of "He's Gone" by The Chantels. Ready-made b-side, ladies!
* Derek Duncan (AKA Derek Lyn Plastic) and Paul Harper and David Spence from Facehugger have a new sloppy punk band called Step Dads. I was there when two of these four songs were born.
* I'm beginning my thesis research tomorrow with an interview of Die Slaugherhaus Records boss Mark Naumann.
* Don't forget to check out Knife's radio show tomorrow from 3-5 p.m.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sights and sounds from last Wednesday's show at The Highland Inn

Predator has some new songs and has expanded their sound since I last saw them. They are still one of the best punk bands in town, as all of their songs will be lodged in your head for the rest of the night and John Necro is a hell of a drummer.
Mike is one of the most versatile musicians in town, as he is proficient at playing guitar, bass, and drums.
Brannon is another versatile talent, as he sings, writes songs, and plays guitar for Predator.
During the 40 Hells set, G.G. King (minus Will) did a brief photo shoot for a future 7".
Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction (minus Hayley and Megan) caught wind of this photo shoot and did their own action pose.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Queers are back in town tomorrow night

I'm sure I'm not the only Atlantan who can say this, but The Queers are by far the out-of-town band I've seen live the most times. See you front and center tomorrow night! Also on the bill is my pal Jesse Nobody.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Predator's debut EP: a blast of three-chord punk rock

Artist: Predator
Title: Predator EP
Label: Rob's House Records
Release date: November 2009
Release number: rhr055

Predator's debut EP is a blast of three-chord punk rock that draws from the same American hardcore and punk influences that guided The Carbonas and Frantic when they first burst on the scene.

The band features Mike (bass) and Brannon (guitar) from Frantic and Beat Beat Beat sharing vocal duties. They are backed by drummer John Necro, who is good enough to play with a bunch of shredding metal dudes but doesn't mind playing back-to-basics punk.

The salvo opens with "Honest Man" and its angst-filled vocals. The flipside features two brief blasts of hardcore in "DLDD" and "No". When I say hardcore, I mean American classics like The Zero Boys, who seemingly influenced half of Atlanta, and Minor Threat. Like those bands, Predator writes solid, straight to the point tunes and lyrics.

I've always tried to decide if Predator is better than Frantic. So far so good based on this EP, but Predator's upcoming LP is going to need to be a scorcher if it is going to top the one released by Brannon and Mike's old band.

A couple of other guys who spent some time in Frantic had a hand in this release, as Greg King designed the artwork and Dave Rahn mastered the recordings.

Video of the week: official video by the newest Douchemaster band

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A plethora of shows

You should check out Predator and The Customers tonight at The Highland Inn. If my car's fixed by then I'll be front and center.
Gentleman Jesse at a factory show? Count me in for this, too.
Finally, Facehugger 2.1 (not to be confused with Facehugger 2.0) will debut at this supershow. The new Facehugger does not feature John Hannah. His acting like a loon on stage was my favorite part of the band, for what it's worth. Don't think I'll catch this one, but I'd love to hear from someone who does.

P.S. Derek is out of town on family business, so he's not playing at the Star Bar as advertised.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

He films bands

There's plenty more awesomeness where this came from, including some rad Atlas Sound videos.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Video(s) of the week: What the careless and carless missed on Thursday

History lesson: the first Carbonas 7"

Artist: The Carbonas
Title: I'm Astray
Label: Die Slaughterhaus Records
Release date: 2003
Release number: DSH-005

Though the band had not fully developed their trademark sound like they would after Jesse Smith and Josh Martin joined the fold, this rare find from 2003 was the first sign that the Carbonas were going to have a successful run as one of Atlanta's best modern punk bands.

"I'm Astray" (mislabeled on the cover art as "I'm A Stray") is neck and neck with "3 Days Away" in the argument over what was the first great Carbonas song. Greg King sings instead of shouts for the first time on this hardcore song that would not have sounded out of place on one of Quadiliacha's releases.

The other a-side, "Don't Let On", sounds more like the songs on the Carbonas' Raw Deluxe LP and the "Frothing At The Mouth" 7", which was the first Douchemaster Records release.

The flipside, "Push Me", owes as much to Clay and Greg's days as metal-loving kids as it does to their love for The Zero Boys and is the only weak link on this release.

On a side note, isn't it kind of cool that the first single by The Carbonas, Black Lips, and Deerhunter were all Die Slaughterhaus releases?

This is the first of several reviews of older releases. I am writing them for the purpose of research for my thesis about the Atlanta punk scene and thought you guys might like a peek at my notes.

Speaking of modern takes on 60's girl groups

Artist: The Sultanas
Title: "You're The One" b/w "Move On Now"
Label: Boom Boom of Renton
Release date: 2005
Release number: BB45007

While praising Gemini Cricket, I decided to spin something even better: The Sultanas' take on 60's girl groups and underground psyche-rock.

This 2005 release with its black and white cover art and a blank label on the record itself looks thrown together, but it sounds like well-constructed pop music.

Seattle's Renton crew, best known for the Fe Fi Fo Fums, and the prolific Ladd/Blackwell songwriting team wrangled up three girls who can harmonize with the best of them and taught them "You're The One", the American garage-punk answer to Thee Headcoates, and "Move On Now", which is reminiscent of Paul Revere and the Raiders and some of the other more polished and mainstream 60's garage groups.

I'm not sure how easy or hard to find this is, but either way it is worth tracking down.

A lo-fi beach party though it's way too cold to go to the beach

Artist: Gemini Cricket
Title: Hey, We Made a Record!
Label: Self-released
Release date: Fall 2009
Vinyl color: Purple

Athens-based three piece Gemini Cricket recently re-released their first 7", and it's the perfect soundtrack for daydreaming about the beach during these cold summer months.

The a-side opens with a catchy surf rock-inspired instrumental called "Cosmic Creepers" and continues the out-of-season summertime fun with "Fake Endings", which is a Beach Boys song played at punk speed.

The lo-fi beach party continues on the flipside, as the brief tune "Little Fish" has a mellow indie rock vibe and the instrumental "Night-time Boys, Nite-time" is yet another well-executed take on classic girl groups and the sounds of the 60's.

To learn more about this trio's backstory (they've gone from a guy and girl writing love songs at summer camp to a planned UK tour) and to order a copy of this 7", check out the band's Myspace page.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Two chances to see Jay Reatard today, including an all-ages show

Jay Reatard and a couple of Cola Freaks are performing twice in Atlanta today. First up is a Criminal Records in-store for all you young-uns and for the people who can't make it out tonight. The main event will be at The Earl with G.G. King. Expect pictures and a review sometime this weekend.

EDIT: Forget the pics and review, unless you want to read about how much I hate cars.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Experimental giants split ABL 7"

Artist: These Are Powers/ The Creeping Nobodies
Title: Split 7"
Label: Army of Bad Luck
Release date: 2008
Release number: ABL011
Vinyl color: Clear

This split between two experimental post-punk mainstays is yet another gem from the Army of Bad Luck back catalog.

These Are Powers are from Brooklyn, the final destination of most Atlanta musicians and the home of The Vivian Girls (saw that reference coming, didn't you?). Their track, "Cockles", is very tribal and is what The Pop Group may have sounded like if they had grown up hearing indie rock and post-punk instead of dub and reggae.

Toronto's The Creeping Nobodies have a tune called "Exult" on the flipside that would not sound out of place on a film soundtrack. The next filmmaker who needs a song to go along with a slow-motion battle scene should seriously contact The Creeping Nobodies about using this experimental and lo-fi yet soothing and theatric song.

The free CD has a mashup between the two songs that is kind of forgettable, unlike the two songs on the vinyl.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Garage punk superheavyweight Jay Reatard and his new backing band are coming through town later this week. I, for one, plan to be front and center, even if his new album is subpar compared to his earlier stuff.

The Slits repackage themselves once again, release first LP since '81

Artist: The Slits
Title: Trapped Animal
Label: Narnack Records
Release date: October 2009

The Slits, a personal favorite and a band that can be considered both punk and post-punk pioneers, have yet again reinvented themselves with this, their third studio album overall and first since 1981.

While Cut was a mix of the sloppy punk Slits (see the Y compilation or their Peel Sessions) and the more mature band they became by the time they finally landed a recording contract to their liking and Return of the Giant Slits was a mix of "world music" and pantheistic thought, this newest strange brew is one-half electronic punk and hip-hop and one-half well-executed white reggae reminiscent of some of the better On-U Sounds projects.

The album’s brightest point is “Ask Ma”, which incorporates traces of hip-hop and dancehall without adopting those genres' sometimes corny lyrics. It’s a song about how some men are impossible for women to deal with because of hangups caused by overprotective mothers. Ari still sings about what she knows. Thirty years ago, she knew about having to steal to eat. Now, she knows about being a wife and mother.

After a couple of average songs, things pick up again with the piano-driven “Rejects” and the refined savage anthem “Trapped Animal”. This tribal take on dance punk comes across great on record and will make Slits fans wonder how these songs sound live.

“Peer Pressure” is another tribal number about how society tells young girls how to think, but lyrics like “I don’t like what I’ve got to do, just to have a bunch of friends at school” ring true with adults, too.

About halfway through the album, reggae vibes take over. Several of the reggae-infused tunes are keepers and are surprisingly on par with some of the On-U Sounds recordings that featured Ari Up. Examples of this include the mellow “Crybaby” and “Be It”.

The Slits have quite a legacy to live up to, and this fan honestly was not so sure if this new album would be in the same league as the band's earlier releases. Trapped Animal is a pleasant surprise and is the newest progression for a band that is still kicking down doors and inspiring 7 Inch Atlanta favorites like Finally Punk and The Coathangers.

A Leeds post-punk classic turns 30

Artist: Delta 5
Title: Mind Your Own Business
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Release date: Fall 2009

Kill Rock Stars has commemorated the 30th anniversary of this classic single with this re-release of the original Rough Trade a-side plus a special mix by postpunk giant/signature forger Peter Hook, credited here as Man Ray

"Mind Your Own Business" is a great song, from its iconic opening lyrics ("Can I have a taste of your ice cream?") to its establishing of Delta 5's rudimentary guitar riffs on top of dance beats sound.

The remix isn't half bad, though this was already a dance tune to begin with. Techno lovers may like this, though ironically Delta 5 could be called a dance band for people who hate that dreaded, drug addled beast that snuck into the music world a decade later.

Video of the Week: more all-girl punk for me to rave about

My friend Bev over at Bad Idea Potluck just turned me on to this:

DLP: a pre-Thanksgiving tradition

Seeing Derek Lyn Plastic at The Star Bar is a pre-holiday tradition here at 7 Inch Atlanta. Last year, DLP was still a four-piece and wrapped up a month-long residency with an unusual pairing in Vera Fang and Das Manics. This time, DLP was a three-piece and the supporting bands were Pleasure Cruise and Facehugger.

Pleasure Cruise features Vera Fang alum Sunni and her friend Ross. Their brand of goth-influenced dance punk is more about the playlist than the setlist, as they sing and strum the bass and/or guitar along with pre-recorded electronic music and a drum machine. Dark yet sexy lyrics highlight their better songs, like "Pussy Disaster", and the highlight of their live set is Sunni's rendition of the Misfits' "Astro Zombies". It was the second best cover of the song I've heard.*

Facehugger has made some changes lately, as they have added a fourth member and now mainly stick with instrumental numbers. Don't worry if you're a fan of John Hannah mimicking a stroke on stage, as he still does that a time or two per set, but now Facehugger's appeal is their mix of psychedelic surf rock and kraut and punk influences. They even use a shoddy drum kit on stage and even use the whole thing on a couple of songs. It's too early to say if Facehugger 2.0 is better than the original, but I for one would like to see them live enough times to make an assessment.

Derek and his band finished out the night. Facehugger had the crowd dancing, so it looked like DLP was going to keep the party going, but things got halted when the before-mentioned shoddy drum kit went kaput early in the second song. After a five minute intermission, DLP picked up where they left off and played a solid set of Derek's newest songs. There's no telling how many songs the guy has written in the past year and a half, and one thing to be thankful for in this post-Thanksgiving world is the chance we'll have early next year to hear two of those songs and a Pink Floyd cover (!!!) thanks to Certified PR Records. Though DLP put on a good show, a lot of folks headed for the exit during the unexpected intermission. Their loss.

* This, unlike My Chemical Romance, is better than Pleasure Cruise.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some thing(s) to do Wednesday

There are several Thanksgiving pre-gaming options Wednesday, including some old school punk at 529 with Chet Knight DJing, The Biters and Customers at The Drunken Unicorn, this can't miss show at The Star Bar:

Biters go acoustic, and so does a country songwriter

The Biters played their second show to date last Thursday at The Star Bar, but it was not what anyone expected.

With Joey in a Marietta jail cell, the guys had no drummer, but they filled their commitment by playing an acoustic set. It was way cooler than most probably expected, as Tuk, Josh, and Matt Gabbs can all play and sing. They broke out several of the new Biters songs and even performed "Metal Guru".

Playing acoustic must be nerve racking, whether you are in the Biters, Gentleman Jesse, or DLP, but the guys came through with a strong performance that led into another acoustic set.

They were followed by Southern songbird Cary Ann Hearst. I can't say I expected to enjoy her set, but I also can't say it was not fantastic. Hearst is a talented singer and songwriter from nearby South Carolina, and she even treated us to a Patsy Cline cover. It strangely was the perfect follow-up to The Biters unplugged.

The Judies seemed to be the band everyone at this "Big Trouble in Little 5" show came to see, as they had everyone dancing. Warren, the band's frontman and part-time guitarist and organ player, is a hell of a showman and he's mega-talented to boot. Actually, everyone in the band has talent in spades, even if I overheard someone in the crowd say they were dressed like librarians. The mock Bowie vocals may not appeal to everyone, but even the biggest cynic has to tap his feet to some of The Judies' tunes.

A clip from The Biters' debut

Killed By Radio live

Knife's online radio show, Killed By Radio, will be broadcast live today at Reactionary Records from 3-5 p.m. I suggest 1) checking this out, even if you just watch it online, and 2) if you do swing by Reactionary, bring cash as it's hard to leave that store without spending at least $40.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Video of the Week: The Carbonas

Sorry for the delay on the video of the week. The 7 Inch Atlanta nerve center's DC adapter is fucked and nearly started a small fire a few nights ago. No worries, as it is only crunch time for graduate students.

Anyhow, here's a clip from the most recent final Carbonas gig held in sunny and half-burnt Los Angeles. I, for one, want to dance with those two girls in the middle of the pit.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Biters are back tonight

7 Inch Atlanta has temporarily been out of the loop, but expect more live reviews and shitty pictures beginning with tonight's free Star Bar show. The Judies are releasing their new CD, and The Biters (formerly Poison Arrows)will play their second gig.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Revised festival lineup

Big-time local and regional acts, including bands none of us have seen in a while (Coffin Bound and Frantic). Lots of 30 minute sets. I'll be like Warped Tour for grown-ups, and everyone's favorite local record store will benefit from your kind ticket purchase.

Friday, November 13, 2009

This will conquer you

Artist: The Goodnight Loving
Title: Nothing Conquers Us 7"
Label: Dirtnap Records
Release date: October 2009
Vinyl color: Some copies are gold

Milwaukee's The Goodnight Loving have put out two more well-crafted, punk and country influenced indie rock songs on this, their Dirtnap Records debut.

The title track is called "Nothing Conquers Us", though early verses say, "You conquered me." The amesome irony of perception versus reality makes for good songwriting fodder, doesn't it? The late decade trend of bringing country and western influence to the table (see Those Darlins, The Weight, etc.) is present in spades here, and The Goodnight Loving have proven again to be among the kings of incorporating that style into punk-inspired indie rock.

Isn't it somehow rewarding to pick up a single, give it a couple of spins, and then decide the b-side is better than the title track? Well, that's the case here, as "Scary Bad" is a nice 60's rock and modern garage fusion that is way different from the usual The Goodnight Loving song. It's easy to imagine the guys listening to both the Nuggets compilation and a King Khan and BBQ Show LP in their rehearsal space and then feeling instantly inspired to knock out this gem.

The 7" comes with a download coupon (another late-decade fad some local labels should follow) so you can hear these tunes in the car or on your MP3 player. If downloading what you expect to just be two songs seems to take forever, that would be because the download comes with a surprise. It's a video showing footage of the guys on tour with cheap beer, desserts, flaming shots, and other road life delicacies as both songs play in the background. If you like these guys enough to pay $5+ for these two songs, then you are guaranteed to dig the surprise video.

Video of the Week: The Girls At Dawn live

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girls At Dawn have already matched solid Hozac debut

Artist: The Girls At Dawn
Title: Self-titled EP
Label: Captured Tracks
Release date: November 2009

The Girls At Dawn are wasting no time when it comes to cranking out quality records, as their second release has already hit the streets courtesy of Brooklyn's Captured Tracks records.

"The Only Time" picks up where the band's debut Hozac single left off, as it features more catchy girl group harmonies and fuzzy punk riffs. It is followed by a heavier 60's inspired tune, "Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday", which in a positive way sounds a lot like The Vivian Girls (who of course have ascended past the "7 Inch Atlanta favorites" label and are now a sacred cow around these parts).

The second half of the EP keeps the dancing tamborine shaking going with "Surprise!", which is the band's take on the traditional verse-chorus-verse pop song, and the call-and-response vocals toward the end of the song are instant magic.

The girls saved their best to date for last, as "I Am Not Sad" is two and a half minutes of everything that's great about this band, from the beautiful harmonies to the stripped-down 50's rock and roll instrumentation.

Needless to say, this one is well worth the tenner charged by Captured Tracks records.

Shhhh! She's sleeping.

Artist: Frankie Rose
Title: Thee Only One
Label: Slumberland Records
Release date: October 20, 2009
Vinyl color: Green

With a resume that includes Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and newcomers Frankie and The Outs, Frankie Rose is one of the more accomplished musicians in Brooklyn's budding scene and her solo debut is getting a lot of play here at 7 Inch Atlanta headquarters.

"Thee Only One", which has a name that may or may not be a nod to Thee Headcoats, is a poptacular trip to a shoegazing dream world. Infectious surf guitar fuzz played by J.B. Townsend from Crystal Stilts makes this one sound like a mellower, female-fronted version of The N.E.C.

The organ-driven b-side, "Hollow Life", has hauntingly beautiful vocals that sound like they were recorded in a massive, vacant cathedral.

To hear both songs plus a demo of the Rose-penned Vivian Girls classic "Where Do You Run To?", check out Frankie and The Outs's Myspace.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This month's can't-miss event

Wow. Notice that Frantic closes the last night.

More like Tropical Storm Town

Last night the weather was disgusting, next to no one came out to 529, my camera died before Derek Lyn Plastic's set, and Tornado Town apparently has broken up. That being said, it was still a lot of fun. The Preakness put on a pretty good show. Their guitarist, seen above, is a showman, though he seemed unhappy about some apparent technical issues. I don't really care much for mellow 90's indie rock, but boy do I love covers of "Teenage Kicks" like the one they broke out toward the end of their set.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another newbie from DMR, and this one features members of The Wax Museums

Bad Sports - S/T LP (DMR 035).
Denton , TX is the equivalent for Douchemaster Records of a bar you can always go into and always expect to get laid afterwards. In this case she's particularly young and hopped up on speed. If you missed the two Bad Sports singles from 2008, then you don't know about their major league hooks and their seemingly unchallenged quickness. Bad Sports are a three piece that features TV's Daniel from Wax Museums and Greg Rutherford from High Tension Wires. Orville just sits around and writes most of the songs. Bad Sports are a bit more playful, but don't be surprised if this record reminds you slightly of The Reds or the first Marked Men LP. Their debut LP features fourteen songs, and the official release date is Nov. 17, 2009. 100 copies are available on split red and black vinyl. We'll begin shipping immediately as to avoid the holiday stress. Digital downloads will be available through your favorite digital host/store as of the 17th. Go to to hear an MP3 and to order.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dance/birthday party Saturday in Athens

Here's the skinny on this event from Cars Can Be Blue's Nate Mitchell:
All vinyl lovingly and expertly selected by top notch record hounds DJ Mahogany and Kurt Wood, playing the best, the baddest, the rarest, the juiciest and funkiest soul jams from the '60s and early early '70s for your dancing pleasure.

Enhancing the mood will be visual stimulation provided by the Eye Gate Lightshow ('60s-style psychedelic lightshow with oil blobs and 16mm projections) and Whistling School for Boys (LCD video projections edited by Sabrina Cuadra).

Also, I will be serving a hearty Southern-style home-cooked meal when doors open at 9pm (last time I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, rice-n-beans, collard greens, baked sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and a couple other items).

Also, two kegs of beer and maybe a special liquor punch or something (last time, I made a vodka-infused watermelon) will be on hand.

The party will double as a sort of early birthday celebration for me (my real birthday is Nov. 19th), so my birthday wish is for people to dress up as sharp as possible and come out and dance all night long to the best music on earth!

Again, the party is at Ben's Bikes in Athens, doors and dinner are @ 9pm, there's no cover to get in, but donations are definitely encouraged and appreciated.

Kurt Wood has an insanely huge and awesome record collection. It'd almost be worth the drive just to hear select cuts from it.

Here's a shot from a comparable September event taken by Athens-based photographer Mike Lunder.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ready for Teddy?

Ashleigh Fedo of Joleigh Studio sent me this image, which is designed to get Atlanta excited about Teddy & The Bears and advertise the band's Nov. 27 show at The Star Bar with Fishhawk, Psyche Origami, and Social Ghost.

Not a lot is known about this band, though they do have a fan page on Facebook.

Will they be any good? Time will tell, but it's hard to not applaud their efforts to get their name out there before their upcoming gig.

DLP returns to an Atlanta stage this Tuesday

Derek Lyn Plastic will be back as a three-piece Tuesday when they open for Tornado Town (featuring Will Greene from G.G. King and Quadiliacha) and The Preakness. It should be a good one. Again, DLP opens so get there early if you want to see them.

King Khan and BBQ, Those Darlins, and GG King play an obnoxiously crowded Star Bar

Local favorites G.G. King and tourmates King Khan and BBQ Show and Those Darlins played to a packed crowd Wednesday at The Star Bar.

I sadly missed all of G.G. King's set save half of a new song and all of "Drug Zoo." What I did hear sounded great (the soundman was an MVP the night the Yankees clinched the Series).
I didn't really get to take any good action shots of Greg, who has been in all of my photo essays that weren't about midget wrestlers, but I did catch him getting a little flustered about the wait at the crowded bar.
Those Darlins (featuring the pretty lady shown above) are labeled as a country group, but there are traces of powerpop and, if you listen to their LP, white gospel music in their sound. They brought it live Wednesday, as the girls shared vocal duties on songs about drinking, mama, front porches, trains, city boys, and stuff like that. Basically, they bring traditional sounds to the table but manage to not sound like something from your grandparents' record collection.
Here they are in action. Three ladies...
and a guy who kinda looks like Chase Utley, who hit five home runs in the before-mentioned World Series.
It was a granny panty-dropping...
hair-flopping good time.
This brilliant man, King Khan, really got the crowd hopping to some well-crafted garage rock tunes that are a little crass without being too ridiculously vulgar.
While snapping pictures of Mark Sultan, a.k.a. BBQ, it dawned on me that I have inadvertenly not given him enough credit. I've referenced this as a King Khan show in the past, but his sidekick deserves a lot of credit, too. He's as talented and creative as anyone, including his BBQ Show bandmate, and who doesn't like to hear him croon a Sultanic Verse or two?
A really moving moment came when the band covered Johnny Thunders' "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory", and Clay Kilbourne from G.G. King turned an already great moment into a tribute to Khan's longtime friend, the late B. Jay Womack.
Clay took off his Bobby Ubangi shirt and held it up to Khan so he could kiss it in between verses. If you weren't dancing or dodging stray feet and elbows, you likely were touched. I certainly was, and I applaud Clay for paying such a sweet tribute to a longtime friend and former roommate.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Video of the Week: Shakin' All Over

This cover was the highlight of Wednesday's set. If you know that this is a Johnny Kidd and the Pirates song, then you know more than the macho rockabilly guy who tried to chat with the band after the show.

Biters set to debut

The Biters are set to debut with a string of November shows here in Atlanta. The band is pretty much the rebith of The Poison Arrows, as Tuk and Joey are back in their familiar roles, Josh now plays bass, and Matt Gabbs from The Fishnet Stalkers has joined the fold as lead guitarist. They've got a couple of songs on their Myspace that are worth checking out, as they've developed a bigger, louder arena rock that doesn't suck sound reminiscent of Cheap Trick or Thin Lizzy.

Here's a peek at their immediate future:
Nov 14 2009 9:00P
529 w/ Geri X and more tba.. Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 19 2009 9:00P
Nov 22 2009 9:00P
EARL- w/ Barreracudas and Free Energy. Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 25 2009 8:00P
DRUNKEN UNICORN w/ CUSTOMERS and more..all ages Atlanta, Georgia