Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brand new Coathangers track

The Coathangers, currently in the midst of a month-long Star Bar residency, had a new track called "Stop, Stomp, Stompin'" unleashed Wednesday into the blogosphere. The song is from their forthcoming album, Scrambled. Check out the blog later today for a review of The Coathangers' gig last night.

EDIT: I just read the link I posted, and it'd be insulting if it was not slightly comical that 1) girl bands are still all painted as being Bikini Kill 2.0 and 2) the girls in punk bands apparently are alcoholic hard-asses who do not like to talk to people. Those of us who know The Coathangers know they are nice people who are always genuinely pleased when someone like me praises their new material.

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