Friday, February 13, 2009

The songsmith's new songs capped off a night of free rock and roll

Derek Lyn Plastic played an album's worth of new songs Thursday, as a sparse Star Bar crowd heard the tunes soon to be known as Let's Play House.

The solid drumming and lyrical debauchery you have come to expect from DLP were present in new songs that were a mix of sped-up punk songs and guitar-driven, slightly slower-tempo songs.

Some of the new songs, like "Runaway Queer," were unveiled in November during DLP's Star Bar residency. Other selections from the 14-song set were unveiled Thursday.

Hopefully, the new tunes made an impact on the faithful few (and the BMI representative) who stuck around to hear DLP.

Beforehand, Matt Kurz One opened, and he once again amazed the crowd with his multi-instruments-at-the-same-time abilities. There was no "Purple Rain" cover this time, sadly, but Kurz had several people after his set wanting to tell him how impressed they were by his fearless attempts to play guitar, bass, drums and keyboards all by himself while cranking out some really good garage-inspired tunes.

Next was The F'n Heartbreaks, who basically are a girl group backed by familiar faces from Atlanta's garage scene (and a face from Courtesy Murder, or all bands) and a saxophone player. Their music was very upbeat and happy, and at times they sounded like a less corny Buster Poindexter. If they had a little more saxophone and a lot more harmonizing, they would sound outstanding. The crowd that arrived early was noticably thinner by the time DLP hit the stage, which made it seem like The F'n Heartbreaks drew a lot of new faces to the Star Bar.

Also on the bill were The Electric Cycles, another imaginative group featuring familiar faces from the local garage and surf rock scene. Since their first gig the day after Christmas, the band has become a tighter unit, and the organ parts have become seemingly more prominent in their songs. Another change is the addition of an electric sitar in one song, which adds a fun element to the music without making The Electric Cycles too cartoony.

Overall, it was a fun, and free, night at The Star Bar. Too bsd everyone did not stick around to hear Derek's proposed new album in its entirety.

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