Thursday, March 5, 2009

G.G. King, other familiar faces play Reactionary Records party

G.G. King, The Customers, Predator, John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death, American Cheeseburger, Dark Meat, and Turbo Fruits
The Star Bar
Friday, February 27, 2009

Three hot new Atlanta acts and two of Athens' finest were among the acts last Friday at The Star Bar as Parking Lot Paul and friends celebrated the opening of East Atlanta's Reactionary Records.

The Customers opened the festivities with their fourth set ever. The group continues to improve, as they may very well join Predator and Poison Arrows at the top of the heap when it comes to Atlanta's new wave of bands. Iit is great to see Stephen from Beat Beat Beat as a frontman, and it is also a thrill to see Brad from The Heart Attacks back on stage.

Up next, the downstairs area became packed after Tuk announced that Athens' finest hardcore band, American Cheeseburger, was playing.

Those who remained upstairs saw a solid set by John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death. The former one-man-band now has a drummer, and they played bluesy garage rock that is very, very Southern. They are a lot like Coffin Bound, just not as awesome.

The second downstairs act was Predator and they, as always, delivered. With all due respect to Poison Arrows and The Customers, Predator has recently emerged as Atlanta's best new punk band. If their forthcoming album is half as good as their live shows, it will be a keeper.

Predator was followed by G.G. King, who was making his second solo performance and his first with longtime friend and 7" cover art inspiration Clay Kilbourne on guitar and backup vocals. The band shredded through a few originals, most of which were good and different enough from the Carbonas to sound fresh, and a couple of covers, including a Devo song. G.G. King, in case you haven't heard, is Greg Carbona's new solo project.

Up next was Dark Meat, an Athens-based band that packs more people on stage than King Khan when he plays with The Shrines. The band is a fun concept, and they have some catchy tunes.

The closers, Turbo Fruits, featured everyone in Be Your Own Pet but the girl. I missed their set, as I was downstairs socializing, but the guys from Abby Go Go said it was good.

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