Sunday, March 8, 2009

House show stolen by Minks

Athens' This Piano Plays Itself brought big amps and plenty of energy to the Barberrie House as the opening band. So much energy and sound that the lead singer was drowned out by the music, and people on the front poarch probably had a better listening experiences than those who remained in close quarters.

After The Mammals played a surprising brief set, Halifax, Nova Scotia's Stolen Minks stole the show. The all-girl trio played a mix of new tunes and sons from last year's High Kicks CD. There was no "Lost Cause" cover this time, but there were plenty of people who had never heard the Minks who said afterwards that they were impressed.

A special Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction reunion was next, as Megan was back on keyboards. The brief 15-minute set plodded along at times, and was not among the band's best, not even when compared to other sloppy house show appearances. It was, however, a fun set, and that is what Baby Dinosaurs is all about.

Balkans performed, contrary to rumors that they had been asked by a promoter to rest up for Tuesday's King Khan and the Shrines show at The Masquerade. As usual, the youngsters ripped through a strong set.

Abby Go Go played, which is not unsusal and those guys stay booked. What was different, though, was the surprise addition of a third guitarist, as Derek Lyn Plastic made a special appearance on the last song.

The early morning festivities were wrapped up by Jovontaes, a band from Kentucky, and local indie rockers The N.E.C. With daylight savings time rearing its ugly head, it was probably right at 4 a.m. when the show officially ended.

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