Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's not Carbonas, but it's still a keeper

Artist: G.G. King
Title: Adult Rock
Label: Douchemaster Records
Release date: March 2009
Vinyl color: Some are on blue, others on black

This is not a Carbonas record, but between G.G. King's live and studio lineups to date, the gang, and familiar sounds, is all here.

A few years ago, Greg King of Carbonas fame christened longtime friend and band mate Jesse Smith as "Gentleman Jesse." That obviously stuck. Now, Jesse has deemed Greg to be G.G. King (his real initials) as a reference to both G.G. Allin and Dee Dee King.

With Jesse and Carbonas drummer Dave Rahn (who mastered this recording) on the road with Gentleman Jesse and His Men, The Carbonas are on hiatus. King is not slowing down in the interim, as he both cut this single and has performed live shows with a lineup that includes longtime Carbonas guitarist and cover art inspiration Clay Kilbourne.

On his solo debut, King is joined by Smith and Carbonas bassist Chris Van Etten as they cut a version of "Adult Rock," which was originally intended to be a Carbonas song. It is a lo-fi tune that, unsurprisingly, is good enough to be a Carbonas song.

"In The Terminal" could have come from another coast and another decade, as it is reminiscent of the West Coast punk covers the Carbonas did on their Euro Tour EP. This brief tune has a definite punk feel that shows off the Carbonas many influences. It also has a catchy chorus that may remind listeners of none other than Carbonas/Gentleman Jesse friend and ally Paul Collins.

This may not be on par with a Carbonas single, but it is still a must-have.

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