Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stalkers' debut unleashed the Animal

Artist: The Stalkers
Title: Sun's Coming Up
Label: Dollar Record Records
Release date: 2004

On this, an earlier release by New York's Stalkers, the band showed their promise with two solid garage-influenced rock songs.

On "Sun's Coming Up," Andy Animal's unique voice and well-mixed backup vocals highlight a feelgood summer song that would make Oakland's The Pets proud. We've all heard catchy songs like this one that mix 60's pop sensibilities with 70's punk attitude, and Stalkers utilize that can't-miss mold as well as anyone.

The b-side, "I Couldn't Wait to Get Home," sounds more like The Libertines than a traditional garage band, though The Libs never broke out Gene Vincent guitar riffs.

Maybe instead of being labeled as just another pair of garage-influenced tunes they should be called three-chord pop songs with balls. Either way, this is a solid release by one of our sister city's finest bands.

Fans of this release must check out the band's full length. And their newest single. And the split 7" they did with The Alarm Clock. In other words, they will make a completist out of you.

If you were in town when this band played The Earl with Ex-Humans, I am not telling you anything you do not already know.

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