Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wax Museums put out great punk record on Douchemaster

Artist: The Wax Museums
Title: Self-titled LP/CD
Label: Douchemaster Records
Release date: 2008

On their self-titled Douchemaster LP, The Wax Museums from Denton, Tx. provide 14 solid tracks that are sure to impress fans of the quick, potent pop song.

There is more variety on this album than one might suspect, as it goes from the obnoxiously catchy, spelled-out chorus of "Dogs in America" to "Dirty Dishes" and "Glass Miniatures," which have an insincere Western twang to them reminiscent of The Vandals' "Urban Struggle."

The band also goes the heavy and fast route with "Skeleton" and "War Documentaries." On the latter, it sounds like lead singer Paul Museum is ranting about mammaries instead of documentaries. How hardcore is that? Seriously, it's a good track that comes close to capturing the band's live sound.

"The Smell," "Safety in Numbers," "Got No Guts," and "Grocery Store" stand out as solid punk tunes. If they were faster and less sloppy and coherent, these would be nearly perfect.

Lightning fast tunes "I Don't Really Wanna Kill" and "Girl Problems" were clearly written by someone who attended the Ramones/Joe Queer school of songwriting, while "Cowboys and Indians" is as wacky as anything you've heard from your favorite garage-punk band.

Other cuts, like "Locked in the Mall" and "Muscles Beach," sound like song titles Surf Punks would have dreamed up.

This, like all other Douchemaster LPs, is worth tracking down. It's the label's weakest full-length, but that's not a slight when you consider it's getting compared to Gentleman Jesse, Frantic, The Black and Whites, and The Baby Shakes.

Coathangers throw yellow party

The Coathangers, decked out in yellow, put on another fun show Saturday at 529 with help from The Selmanaires.

Though they got off to an unimpressive start, The Selmanaires ultimately put on a good show. Their electronic stuff seemed like a lot of talent and imagination put into songs that are not that memorable. The last half of the set, though, was great.

When the band drops the keyboards and twittering bird sounds and becomes an upbeat indie rock band with two guys handling percussion instruments, they're awesome. On some songs they become a smarter, less contrived version of Franz Ferdinand (I bet they had not drawn that comparison yet).

The Coathangers were next, and they delighted though they did not put on one of their better shows.

Candice, Meredith, Julia, and Stephanie all wore yellow shirts in the spirit of whatever they were celebrating on this given night. Die Slaugherhaus boss Mark Naumann and I also wore yellow shirts, but that was just a coincidence.

As for the set itself, they played mostly new songs from Scramble plus the two songs they just have to play each time out, "Nestle In My Boobies v. 3.1" and "Don't Touch My Shit." "Tonya Harding" was the opener instead of "Haterade", and it set the tone for a rocking set.

"Pussywillow" screeched to a hault twice, and Stephanie had trouble remembering the lyrics to "Shut The Fuck Up." Otherwise, the girls put on a solid show. They'll get it all right when they play with Mika Miko and The Strange Boys for sure, as that June 9 appearance at the Drunken Unicorn should be one of the best shows of the year.

It's not completely awful

Artist: New York Dolls
Title: 'Cause I Sez So
Label: One Day It Will Please Us
Release date: 2009

If you love The New York Dolls and have no time for old man bar rock, you will have a tough time sitting through this one.

For every instance of David Johansen singing about life in the 21st century, there's a line that sounds like it was written for a blusey, old man bar band ("You ain't even got no class/I'm gonna kick your ass"). There are also a few cliched lines that'd be less obnoxious and seem more genuine coming from one of the young bands out there that emulates the Dolls ("I'm drowning in this sea of love", etc.).

That being said, the last three tracks, including the reggae version of "Trash," are killer. It was also beyond awesome for Todd Rundgren to come on board for this album as its producer. Maybe that is why Johansen's voice sounds as good as ever.

The New York Dolls reunion tour and the two albums we've gotten out of it so far isn't about them reinventing their own wheel, so to speak. They are not going to be daring and bust out something that'll blow our minds. Instead, they are slowly adding a few new quality tunes to go along with "Personality Crisis", "Looking For A Kiss", and other classics for their live sets.

They're making money off of something they surely believe in and love, and we as fans are getting to see them live again or for the first time. That's great, so I am not going to complain too much if their new album only has a few good tunes on it.

If you want to see The New York Dolls live, you're in luck. They are playing June 12 at Centerstage. Hopefully, they won't sing about making it rain or play the salsa tune.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vivian Girls debut a sign of things to come

Artist: Vivian Girls
Title: Wild Eyes
Label: Paper Dolls/Wild World
Release date: 2008

On this, the first Vivian Girls single, the Brooklyn-based trio made it known that their beautiful harmonies and simplistic pop songs will surely make them a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

The title track is a pretty song with perfect harmonies you would not expect to hear on a non-Beach Boys single or album. Its b-side, "My Baby Wants Me Dead," begins with a flurry of guitars and drums, slows down, builds up to even more guitar and drum, and ends with a lot of feedback.

The b-side would not be particularly memorable if it was not one of the few songs from the band that breaks their mold. That mold, of course, consists of lots of guitar and drum, pretty harmonies, and catchy pop hooks.

Saying this band has a set mold is no insult, as I can imagine them doing what they do successfully for years, as Vivian Girls are one of the best garage bands you'll find anywhere.

Douchemaster Records feature

Here's a cool Douchemaster Records feature done by the folks at Crawdaddy Magazine.

New Jay Reatard single available for free

The new Jay Reatard single is available free on the internet, and it's going to have you excited about the August 18 release of his next Matador Records LP, Watch Me Fall.

Pick up the single, "It Ain't Gonna Save Me", here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Goodnight Loving offer something something different (in a good way)

Artist: The Goodnight Loving
Title: Self-titled LP/CD
Label: Dusty Medical Records
Release date: 2008

Here's a hard one to define, as on this album Milwaukee's The Goodnight Loving mix folk, garage, and alt-country influences to create their own unique sound.

Though this is not what most of us are used to hearing, this is more than just some flannel shirt wearing, boring indie band with slow, folksy tunes. If slower, well-written tracks like "Safe At Home" and "Take You Home" are a little too tame for you, then faster songs like "Blank Day Parade","Ol' Geraldine", "Drag", and "Mad is the Man" will sound more at home charging into your ears.

This album also includes the rockabilly/ alt-country sound of "Colin Attends a Party," the intermingling of an acoustic guitar and an organ on "Over You" and "Junkfire," the folk-inspired if not poetic "Nerve Mountain," and the indie-garage vibe of "Cause a Scene."

Few other groups have as many talented instrumentalists and singers on board as The Goodnight Loving. When it comes to Atlanta bands, Gringo Star is probably the closest to being comparable to The Goodnight Loving in that respect, though they sound totally different.

This doesn't sound like punk, powerpop, garage, or a glorified Kinks cover band, but if you like the other bands receiving good reviews on this site, you might just like The Goodnight Loving.

Cool colors for collectors, and the songs are awesome to boot

Artist: Jay Reatard
Title: Always Wanting More
Label: Matador Records
Release date: 2008
Vinyl color: Clear with solid blue, red, and yellow streaks. It's pretty.

This pretty-colored single is one of many released by Matador of Jay Reatard's highly regarded solo act.

The title track is the first of two a-sides, and it is the kind of catchy, simple Memphis garage-pop that has made Reatard a mainstay in our scene. It's also got punk lyrics ("You're such a useless bore/but you're always wanting more") repeated by a man whose voice has been compared to none other than TV Smith.

The other a-side, "I Care Nothing For You," is another biting singalong about a girl with lyrics so simple yet catchy and effective that this one could have easily been written by Bobby Ubangi.

It's cool that Matador releases these singles for collectors and then releases all of Jay's songs on compilations readily available to those who'd rather just own good music than claim they own number 54 or only 100 on beer-colored vinyl.

The Brooklyn branch of the Beat Beat Beat family tree

Artist: Ex-Humans
Title: Chicane
Label: Full Breach Kicks
Release date: February 20009
Vinyl color: first 100 were white

Beat Beat Beat gave us more than just a pair of 7"s and a fantastic full-length. They also through breaking up gave us local standouts Predator and The Customers, freed up Warren to play with Gentleman Jesse and Barreracudas, and allowed Atlanta-to-Brooklyn transplant Josh Martin to form a three-piece punk band called Ex-Humans.

On this, their debut release, Ex-Humans show a lot of promise. We all know Josh is a solid guitarist from his time with The Carbonas, and he showed glimpses of being a great frontman with Beat Beat Beat. With the title track, he comes into his own as a lead singer as he rants about a girl with lines like "I hate you/but I love you. I'm such a liar."

With the b-side, "Detector," the band cranked out another fast, catchy, raw punk tune that's about resenting a girl.

Both tunes should please fans of the before-mentioned Carbonas and Beat Beat Beat. Comparing Ex-Humans to Josh's old bands seems a little too easy, right? At least it's a high complement for the trio and this single.

Ex-Humans is about more than just Josh, though, as the band is the sum of its parts. Bassist Todd Martin (who wore an awesome "Kadaffi and Daffy" shirt when he first performed in Atlanta back in March) and drummer Jesse Martinez are equally important pieces of this punk puzzle.

Abby Go Go, Hollow Stars put on solid show at 529

Though Derek Lyn Plastic had to cancel, Friday's show at 529 was still a blast, as Hollow Stars and Abby Go Go played solid sets.

DLP was in between drummers at the time, so they cancelled. Never fear, though, as the band should not miss any other gigs as they have already brought on board the guy who played drums on the "She's Got a U.T.I." 7".

Hollow Stars were new to 7" Atlanta, believe it or not, and they were certainly impressive. The band features Colin Mee of Deerhunter fame singing and strumming and Josh from Knife and the 4th Ward Daggers on drums. Colin shows more charisma and creativity with this group than he does with the equally awesome heavy hammer known as Chopper. He even played a little keyboard on the last song, and at one point he danced out into the crowd. Check these guys out, as they seem to play live often.

Speaking of good bands who play live often, Abby Go Go headlined and put on their expected good show. If you dig guitar-heavy indie rock songs and the mandatory lengthy show-closing instrumental, you'll love Abby Go Go. They will soon have a split 7" with The Carnivores and a trip to New York with The N.E.C. under their belts, so things are looking up for this band. The only downside to their recent upswing is the delightful Ominous Castle seems to be on the back-burner for the time being. At least we still have Facehugger, right?

Friday, May 22, 2009

DLP snuck up on me

I almost forgot to promote tonight's Derek Lyn Plastic and Abby Go-Go show at 529. It should be a good one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jesse Nobody already have solid recordings under their belt

Jesse Nobody, Atlanta's finest two-piece punk band, already had five solid tracks recorded long before plans fell in place for an upcoming EP.

"Gots Go" is the band's strongest track, as it is fast and intense musically, yet its lyrics are catchy. Memorable songs by great punk bands of the past like, say, The Zero Boys, usually had a pop quality to them, as those bands avoided serving up nothing more than two minute blasts of pure aggression. Jesse Nobody isn't quite in the same universe as The Zero Boys, but, unlike many of their peers, they clearly have taught themselves how to write a solid punk rock song.

"Nihilism" is close to being one of those before-mentioned two minute blasts of aggression, but that is okay, as this tune showcases Jesse's falsetto vocals.

Three other tracks called "Thousand Dollar Bill," Like You Love It," and "Cover Boy" will be familiar to you if you've ever checked out Jesse Nobody's Myspace page or have a copy of the CD-R they have given out at shows. Each of these songs are good, and will likely garner the "that's a lot of sound coming from just two musicians" comments usually made when a two-piece with its act together hits the road or exits a recording studio.

These songs will leave you wanting more, and Jesse Nobody are poised to deliver for their fans (affectionately called "white panthers") in the form of a new EP.

DLP, Plexi 3, Double Dynamite celebrate a 7" anniversary

Derek Lyn Plastic debuted his new bass player, Double Dynamite made a rare appearance, and Plexi 3 played one more show before hitting the road Monday at 7 Stages as part of the unofficial 7 Inch Atlanta! one-year anniversary extravaganza.

Double Dynamite opened, as they made their first live appearance since December. The comedic duo of Nate from Cars Can Be Blue and Matt from The Electric Cycles delivered the zaniness you would expect with songs like a cover of Batman and Robin's "Who the Fuck is Superman?" and their original ode to Tuaca, a yummy, supposedly healthy Italian liqueur.

Milwaukee-based garage-pop trio Plexi 3 was next, as they played a solid set of tunes from their three singles and their new LP. The set list was similar to the one from Saturday, but this time they broke out their cover of "Enemies" by Radiators From Space (Phil Chevron's pre-Pogues band). Wendy, the band's lead singer and guitarist, told me after the show that I saw the two worst shows of their tour. If that's true, their worst is pretty damn good.

The main event was DLP, who had not performed live since February when they took part in The Coathangers' Star Bar residency. New songs from their upcoming LP, and a few that'll be on a second LP, were performed, along with standards like "Steak Dinner" and "She's Got a UTI." Naomi Lavender joined the band on stage at the end of their set to sing "Weird Looks," just like she does on the "Negative Feelings" single.

Also taking the stage with Derek was bass player Matt Manning, as he made his first live appearance since recently replacing Cliff.

Hardly anyone showed up for what turned out to be a fun night, which seems to be the norm for Monday night shows. That's a shame, as Monday's show was better than whatever you watched on TV. And it was better than being at work.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Vivian Girls

I only post this to ask why Stephanie and Candice are randomly shown at :27.

My new favorite when it comes to Vivian Girls videos

Mark has posted some Die Slaughterhaus news

This studio (which I'm assuming is in Mark's house) should benefit some of you musician types.

Haus News
May, 2009

This is the first update that I have done in a few years, so there is a lot to cover.
First and foremost, I am sure there are a lot of you who are wondering when the Wet
Dreams and VCR 7"s are going to come out. These are both projects that I have been
trying to release for years now, so when I finally got everyone to approve the masters,
I jumped the gun and put them up for presale.

The VCR record was actually pressed in August, but the band wanted to screen print their
own sleeves. I still have not been able to get them. If anyone knows how to get in touch
with Sarim, or anyone from VCR, please bug the shit out of them to mail me that shit.

The pressing of the Wet Dreams 7" was delayed until I got the sleeve artwork in my hands.
Unfortunately, by this time, unforeseen circumstances had depleted my funding. I am finally
getting caught up on old bills, and have paid off the pressing plant. I should be receiving
the Wet Dreams records very soon. All preorders will be shipped immediately.

As you've probably noticed, there are quite a few records that are labeled "coming soon" in
the store. I assure you, all of these records will be released.

I am proud to announce the opening of Die Slaughterhaus Studios. We are located just a few
miles east of Little 5 Points. We offer a wide range of options, from 8 track 1/4 inch tape,
to 24 track 1 and 2 inch tape, and pro tools. We also offer daily rates on our live room
(approx. 30'x40') for diy recording, and photo/video shoots. More details to come.
Contact us at

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watch We Fun for free

You can watch We Fun all week for free at Pitchfork's web site.

Highlights include:

* Paul gets credit for turning Bradford Cox on to the Atlanta scene.
* The Carbonas discuss what is and is not allowed in the tour van.
* Lots and lots of Black Lips footage.

Die Slaughterhaus and Rob's House being discussed while Douchemaster is ignored seems a bit unfair, and The Coathangers do not make an appearance until the very end. Otherwise, this is worth watching.

Monday, May 18, 2009

This blog is a year old today

What better way to celebrate than with two local acts and one of today's best out-of-town bands?

Plexi 3 impresses at Footclan HQ show

Milwaukee's Plexi 3 stole the show Saturday at Footclan Headquarters as they played alongside three local favorites and Chicago's Smith and Westerns.

Footclan HQ shows start on time unlike club/bar shows, and I learned this the hard way. By the time I arrived a little after 10 p.m., Doomed Youth had already played, and The Customers were finishing up their set. Based on what little I heard from The Customers, earlier positive reviews of them still ring true.

The Stolen Hearts, who seem to play live almost as often as Predator, were next, as they kicked off the female-fronted goodness. Playing often is paying off, as the band is becoming a tight unit. We already knew Adrian and Greg are accomplished musicians, and Ashley established herself as a solid vocalist at the band's first gig back in February. The real treat is seeing their band mates develop into solid performers. Rachel is becoming a very solid drummer for someone who is in her first band, and Michelle is also coming into her own as a bass player.

Plexi 3 was next, as they played a short but effective set. Wendy, their guitarist and vocalist, led the way as the band played old songs like "Calculated Romance" and their cover of Love's "You I'll Be Following" and new tunes like "Timebox." The real surprise of their set, and their most recent batch of recordings, was "What Love is For." This song, written and sung by bassist Adam Widener, is like a punky tribute to the Monkees. It's brilliant live and on the "Timebox" record.

Smith and Westerns closed up the show with about two and a half songs. The Chicago-based band seemed to be a guitar-heavy nod to the '90's, but it is really hard to judge a band that was only two broken strings away from calling it a night. Regardless, you should expect these guys to get a lot of hype in the coming months, be that good or bad, as they have an LP coming out soon on Hozac Records.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Out-of-towners add some variety to Predator, G.G. King gig

Chicago's Krunchies and a couple of local punk rock mainstays in G.G. King and Predator put on a good show Friday night at 529.

G.G. King opened, as the Carbonas frontman and his new backing band continue to impress with solid original tunes like "Drug Zoo" and "In The Terminal." Predator, the final band of the night, provided the latest in a string of strong performances by arguably the best of the newest crop of Atlanta punk bands.

In between was a special treat, as The Krunchies played a seemingly brief set of shouty, energetic punk rock. The band members come across as the types who purposefully do not become better musicians (I say this in a loving way). Most importantly, the group mixes male and female vocals well without being too poppy or too harcore. They were not as good as the other bands on the bill, but they still put on a good show and added something different and fresh to what otherwise would have been a night of familiar tunes and familiar faces.

Washed away

Today's outdoor performances in Little 5 Points by bands like Derek Lyn Plastic and The Carnivores have been cancelled due to inclement weather.

That just means we'll all get a nap well before tonight's Plexi 3 gig at Footclan HQ. Don't miss it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plexi 3 broaden their Monkee-loving horizons with their latest single

Artist: Plexi 3
Title: TImebox b/w What Love is For
Label: Full Breach Kicks
Release date: March 2009
Vinyl color: Copies pre-ordered directly from the label were on clear vinyl.

Milwaukee's finest rock and roll trio, Plexi 3, continue to crank out quality tunes with this, their third 7".

For the a-side, the band cranked out "Timebox," another Wendy Norton-fronted and penned classic that is equal parts punk, pop, and garage rock. This one is a lot different than earlier Plexi 3 offerings, as it is a three-minute powerpop tune that begins growing as social commentary and blooms when the trio whistles along to the tune.

The b-side is the real treat, though, as bassist Adam Widener tackles lead vocals on his own song, "What Love is For." The short essay on the back of the single's artwork teases that this song sounds "a bit too much like The Monkees." Thankfully, that claim is true.

If there had been such a thing as punk rock to inspire The Monkees, and if they had played a lot faster and had female backup vocals, they totally would have recorded a song just like this one. Sadly, they did not. Fortunately, Plexi 3 and Widener have cooked up a punk-influenced Monkees tune, and it alone is worth the price of this record.

Here's hoping their recently-released debut LP and the recordings they plan on doing with Derek Lyn Plastic are as good as this single.

Tonight's live music best bets

The first Knife and the 4th Ward Daggers show since December is tonight at Wonderroot. They'll be breaking in a new bassist. Also performing are Murdock, Turbo Slaughter, and 7 Inch Atlanta favorites Jesse Nobody.

Another 7 Inch Atlanta Favorite, Coffin Bound, is playing tonight's free Star Bar show.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Carnivores impress at Criminal's mixtape party

Two up-and-coming bands teamed with a pair of underground rappers Sunday at Criminal Records to celebrate Creative Loafing's Mixt A.

The compilation, which is available for pre-order at Criminal for only $10, features 10 tracks by bands like Predator, Zoroaster, and Mums FP.

Opening the festivities around 3:30 p.m. was Predator. As usual, they brought it, as playing constantly has made them into a well-oiled unit. This particular performance was dedicated to Pseudo Echo in honor of a really lame looking record Mike found in the dollar bin.Predator love aside, there is no way to sugarcoat the downside of this performance: the attendance and the lack thereof. If you do not count Creative Loafing and Criminal Records staff and people who seemed more interested in shopping, Predator at times outnumbered their audience, and they are a three-piece. Fortunately, the really good bands put on a good show in any environment.

Next was Mums FP, a local underground hip-hop artist. Or maybe he's a local underground rapper. I'm not sure. He did have a larger audience on this given day than Predator, though he mainly danced around to a CD. Mums did have a great stage presence and some good lyrics, though, which likely are two necessities to make it in his scene.

The Carnivores, who seem to be getting as much buzz lately as The Balkans, played next, and they stole the show. If this show was any indication of what this band has to offer, they have a lot of energy as they mix a variety of indie rock influences.

While their bassist was the primary vocalist, the young lady of the group left her keyboard and tackled lead vocals on one tune. Without an instrument in her hands, she was able to go out in the audience and really "rock out," kind of like Stephanie from The Coathangers does during "Cheap, Cheap." The guitarist also sang one song toward the end of the set that reminded me in a good way of The Libertines.

After a very intense, large man named Fortknox cut a promo, pro-wrestling style, to get the crowd excited about Creative Loafing, record shopping, the next act, the previous three acts, Mother's Day, and life in general, Stanza did another rap performance to an audience that seemed to be more in tune with that style of music than rock and roll.

The trip to Criminal was well worth it, as I now know The Carnivores live up to their hype.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To say there's a lot of good shows over the next eight days would be an understatement.
Monday, The Coathangers will play The Drunken Unicorn along with Chain & The Gang (featuring Ian Svenonius, The Hive Dwellers (featuring Calvin Johnson, and Pine Hill Haints. The Coathangers never disappoint live, so if you can make it out it will be worth it. This one will apparently start around 8 p.m. and end around midnight.

Saturday, Derek Lyn Plastic, The Carnivores, and several other bands will perform at the corner of Euclid and Moreland in Little 5 Points. It will be the debut of DLP's new bassist, and will be a chance for each appearing act to be seen by lots of shoppers who otherwise would not see these bands.

Later in the evening at Foot Klan Headquarters (next door to the Doo Gallery) will be the first of two Plexi 3 shows in a three night span. These Milwaukee-based garage rockers are a 7 Inch Atlanta favorite. Also appearing are Chicago's Smith-Westerns and local acts The Stolen Hearts, Customers, and Doomed Youth.

Wrapping up the excitement will be Plexi 3 and DLP, yet again, and local comedic garage duo Double Dynamite. This show lands on the one year anniversary of the first-ever 7 Inch Atlanta post.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A rare appearance by Dallas' own Jayne County

I'm checking this out tonight. Jayne is from Paulding County, just like Dave from The Heart Attacks. Travis Tritt is from there and has half the county named after him, though he doesn't count.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stalkers cover ABBA

G.G. King steals the heavy metal show

Three local music veterans collectively known as Sonn Av Krusher had their swan song May 1 in front of a disappointingly small crowd, but it was G.G. King who stole the show.

Openers Hell Comes to Town cranked through straightforward metal tunes fueled by growling vocals and lengthy guitar solos. If you love metal, you will like these guys. Otherwise, they may not be weird enough to keep your attention. During one particularly long solo, the lead singer left the stage and apparently went to the bathroom while the guitarist showed his stuff. Come to think of it, maybe these guys are different in a shockingly good way.

Next was G.G. King, a new punk four-piece featuring three-fifths of the Carbonas. Those three are Chris, Clay, and, of course, Greg. Or, to further simplify things, it is every Carbona not in Gentleman Jesse.

Prior to this show, Mike Beavers had played drums at the handful of shows the band has played since their debut earlier this year, but on this night he was on the road with Predator. Fortunately, James Joyce of Sonn Av Krusher had taken the time to learn the songs in Greg's growing repertoire (which meant that three-fifths of the Carbonas were yet again performing with a drummer willing to play more than one set per show).

The band, and James, did not miss a beat on this night, as they played one of their best shows to date. Their three recorded songs ("Adult Rock," "In The Terminal," and the fantastic "Drug Zoo") were performed, along with some other originals and a cover of The Box Tops' "The Letter." The latter sounds much better like than it did when the band first started performing it. In fact, it is almost on par with the three before-mentioned recorded songs.

Closing out the night was Sonn Av Krusher, a three-piece metal band featuring Joyce and fellow scene veterans Gray Kiser and Matt Mauldin. A trio of veteran rock musicians getting together and playing sparingly at local clubs sounds like a recipe for bad adult rock (and not the G.G. King song). Fortunately, the three ingredients that make this band blend to become something way more interesting than the average one-more-time-in-the-big-time adult rockers (and, to be honest, more genuine and original than most metal-influenced bands like the night's opening act). Too bad several of the 20-some-odd people who were at the show parked themselves at the bar throughout most of the band's final show.

LP release party tonight

Tonight will be the first of two record release parties for Creative Loafing and Criminal Records' Mixt A LP.

The N.E.C.,Grip Plyaz, the Balkans, and A. Leon Craft are all featured on the compilation LP and will perform tonight at The Eyedrum. Admission is $10, will includes a copy of the limited-edition LP.

If you prefer the digital format, you can get the 10-track album with artwork plus bonus tracks by artists like Derek Lyn Plastic and G.G. King here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stolen Hearts, Customers play tonight to benefit BJ

Two awesome new bands plus a scad of top-notch DJs should make for a good night. If that's not enough reason to head out to 529, it is for a good cause.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This song has officially grown on me.

"Chucks I wear, rock some Slayer."

On a personal note, I am wrapping up finals tomorrow, so expect more actual record reviews in the near future.