Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Abby Go Go, Hollow Stars put on solid show at 529

Though Derek Lyn Plastic had to cancel, Friday's show at 529 was still a blast, as Hollow Stars and Abby Go Go played solid sets.

DLP was in between drummers at the time, so they cancelled. Never fear, though, as the band should not miss any other gigs as they have already brought on board the guy who played drums on the "She's Got a U.T.I." 7".

Hollow Stars were new to 7" Atlanta, believe it or not, and they were certainly impressive. The band features Colin Mee of Deerhunter fame singing and strumming and Josh from Knife and the 4th Ward Daggers on drums. Colin shows more charisma and creativity with this group than he does with the equally awesome heavy hammer known as Chopper. He even played a little keyboard on the last song, and at one point he danced out into the crowd. Check these guys out, as they seem to play live often.

Speaking of good bands who play live often, Abby Go Go headlined and put on their expected good show. If you dig guitar-heavy indie rock songs and the mandatory lengthy show-closing instrumental, you'll love Abby Go Go. They will soon have a split 7" with The Carnivores and a trip to New York with The N.E.C. under their belts, so things are looking up for this band. The only downside to their recent upswing is the delightful Ominous Castle seems to be on the back-burner for the time being. At least we still have Facehugger, right?

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