Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Brooklyn branch of the Beat Beat Beat family tree

Artist: Ex-Humans
Title: Chicane
Label: Full Breach Kicks
Release date: February 20009
Vinyl color: first 100 were white

Beat Beat Beat gave us more than just a pair of 7"s and a fantastic full-length. They also through breaking up gave us local standouts Predator and The Customers, freed up Warren to play with Gentleman Jesse and Barreracudas, and allowed Atlanta-to-Brooklyn transplant Josh Martin to form a three-piece punk band called Ex-Humans.

On this, their debut release, Ex-Humans show a lot of promise. We all know Josh is a solid guitarist from his time with The Carbonas, and he showed glimpses of being a great frontman with Beat Beat Beat. With the title track, he comes into his own as a lead singer as he rants about a girl with lines like "I hate you/but I love you. I'm such a liar."

With the b-side, "Detector," the band cranked out another fast, catchy, raw punk tune that's about resenting a girl.

Both tunes should please fans of the before-mentioned Carbonas and Beat Beat Beat. Comparing Ex-Humans to Josh's old bands seems a little too easy, right? At least it's a high complement for the trio and this single.

Ex-Humans is about more than just Josh, though, as the band is the sum of its parts. Bassist Todd Martin (who wore an awesome "Kadaffi and Daffy" shirt when he first performed in Atlanta back in March) and drummer Jesse Martinez are equally important pieces of this punk puzzle.

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