Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coathangers throw yellow party

The Coathangers, decked out in yellow, put on another fun show Saturday at 529 with help from The Selmanaires.

Though they got off to an unimpressive start, The Selmanaires ultimately put on a good show. Their electronic stuff seemed like a lot of talent and imagination put into songs that are not that memorable. The last half of the set, though, was great.

When the band drops the keyboards and twittering bird sounds and becomes an upbeat indie rock band with two guys handling percussion instruments, they're awesome. On some songs they become a smarter, less contrived version of Franz Ferdinand (I bet they had not drawn that comparison yet).

The Coathangers were next, and they delighted though they did not put on one of their better shows.

Candice, Meredith, Julia, and Stephanie all wore yellow shirts in the spirit of whatever they were celebrating on this given night. Die Slaugherhaus boss Mark Naumann and I also wore yellow shirts, but that was just a coincidence.

As for the set itself, they played mostly new songs from Scramble plus the two songs they just have to play each time out, "Nestle In My Boobies v. 3.1" and "Don't Touch My Shit." "Tonya Harding" was the opener instead of "Haterade", and it set the tone for a rocking set.

"Pussywillow" screeched to a hault twice, and Stephanie had trouble remembering the lyrics to "Shut The Fuck Up." Otherwise, the girls put on a solid show. They'll get it all right when they play with Mika Miko and The Strange Boys for sure, as that June 9 appearance at the Drunken Unicorn should be one of the best shows of the year.

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