Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cool colors for collectors, and the songs are awesome to boot

Artist: Jay Reatard
Title: Always Wanting More
Label: Matador Records
Release date: 2008
Vinyl color: Clear with solid blue, red, and yellow streaks. It's pretty.

This pretty-colored single is one of many released by Matador of Jay Reatard's highly regarded solo act.

The title track is the first of two a-sides, and it is the kind of catchy, simple Memphis garage-pop that has made Reatard a mainstay in our scene. It's also got punk lyrics ("You're such a useless bore/but you're always wanting more") repeated by a man whose voice has been compared to none other than TV Smith.

The other a-side, "I Care Nothing For You," is another biting singalong about a girl with lyrics so simple yet catchy and effective that this one could have easily been written by Bobby Ubangi.

It's cool that Matador releases these singles for collectors and then releases all of Jay's songs on compilations readily available to those who'd rather just own good music than claim they own number 54 or only 100 on beer-colored vinyl.

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