Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wax Museums put out great punk record on Douchemaster

Artist: The Wax Museums
Title: Self-titled LP/CD
Label: Douchemaster Records
Release date: 2008

On their self-titled Douchemaster LP, The Wax Museums from Denton, Tx. provide 14 solid tracks that are sure to impress fans of the quick, potent pop song.

There is more variety on this album than one might suspect, as it goes from the obnoxiously catchy, spelled-out chorus of "Dogs in America" to "Dirty Dishes" and "Glass Miniatures," which have an insincere Western twang to them reminiscent of The Vandals' "Urban Struggle."

The band also goes the heavy and fast route with "Skeleton" and "War Documentaries." On the latter, it sounds like lead singer Paul Museum is ranting about mammaries instead of documentaries. How hardcore is that? Seriously, it's a good track that comes close to capturing the band's live sound.

"The Smell," "Safety in Numbers," "Got No Guts," and "Grocery Store" stand out as solid punk tunes. If they were faster and less sloppy and coherent, these would be nearly perfect.

Lightning fast tunes "I Don't Really Wanna Kill" and "Girl Problems" were clearly written by someone who attended the Ramones/Joe Queer school of songwriting, while "Cowboys and Indians" is as wacky as anything you've heard from your favorite garage-punk band.

Other cuts, like "Locked in the Mall" and "Muscles Beach," sound like song titles Surf Punks would have dreamed up.

This, like all other Douchemaster LPs, is worth tracking down. It's the label's weakest full-length, but that's not a slight when you consider it's getting compared to Gentleman Jesse, Frantic, The Black and Whites, and The Baby Shakes.

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clawyoulikeacat said...

Dissenting Opinion: This is the best punk LP of 2008, and is better than all of the Gentleman Jesse, Frantic, The Black and Whites, and The Baby Shakes records put together. Also "Safety in Numbers" is perfect!