Thursday, June 4, 2009

Artist: Facehugger
Title: And Here I Am CD EP
Label: self-released
Release date: 2008

This five-song EP is the first batch of recordings from electronic post-punk trio Facehugger.

In between two instrumental pieces appropriately named "Noise I" and Noise II" are three tracks that will give listeners a taste of Facehugger's simultaneously dark and upbeat sound.

"Missed Connection" and its upbeat riffs is followed by "Gone," which is hypnotic even if the lyrics are hard to decipher.

"Endgame" is very Gothic (in the traditional sense, thankfully),and it mixes all of the elements that make Facehugger interesting. The song displays what all three members bring to the band, as John Hannah rants frantically through the lyrics while keyboard player/drum machine programmer David Spence and guitarist Paul Harper perform the EP's strongest track.

This is definitely the traditional dodgy kitchen tape demo, but three of the songs are strong enough and sound decent enough to make Facehugger fans wonder how the band will sound on its upcoming split Army of Bad Luck 7" with Pleasure Cruise.

Since Abby Go-Go seems to get priority over Ominous Castle nowadays, Facehugger might just be the best band of its kind in Atlanta.

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