Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Customers release record, sparse crowd goes nuts for Predator

The Customers released their debut Rob's House 7" Tuesday at 529 in front of a meager crowd after Predator tore through another solid set.

Predator, broken strings considered, had another solid set, as the crowd that mostly was other musicians and Atlanta's most loyal show-goers got rowdy. If every local audience was a lively as this one was, Atlanta would not be labeled as the kind of place where music enthusiasts show up to keep their hands in their pockets and look bored all night. We even got mooned a time or two (I won't say who was the culprit) toward the end of Predator's set..

The Customers were up next, and though they did not put on one of their better performances, they still played a good though short set that should have fans excited about the new 7".

The new 7" can be purchased directly from Rob's House.

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