Monday, June 8, 2009

Double Negative a highlight of Saturday's punk show

Chunklet presented another great lineup Saturday at Lenny's, as Double Negative were the highlights of a solid punk show.

Vincas, a melodic hardcore three-piece from nearby Athens, opened and they set the stage for a great night of punk rock. They are yet another example that Athens has in recent years been responsible for some solid hardcore bands other than American Cheeseburger.

Next was G.G. King, or at least most half of the band. Chris was in New York with The Customers celebrating their 7" release, and Mike was with him fulfilling his Predator duties. Will, Greg and Clay's former bandmate in both Quadiliacha and The Carbonas, filled in behind the drum kit, and Ryan of the Bukkake Boys handled bass. Greg was also double-booked, as his other band, The Stolen Hearts, were playing that same night at 529 with Digital Leather. Considering they had two fill-ins, the band sounded good as they played the three familiar songs ("Adult Rock", "In The Terminal", and "Drug Zoo"), a Box Tops cover, and a few other originals.

Bukkake Boys, the only band that plays live more often than Predator, were next. They play angry, no frills hardcore the way it should be played. Ruby fronts a hardcore band the way one should be fronted, as he is in full-gear throughout each set. On this particular night, they were as potent as usual.

Double Negative were next to last, as they lived up to their own hype while shredding through an energetic set. Though Raleigh, North Carolina's finest did not draw as big a crowd as they should have, they played their asses off for those of us who showed up. It's notable that their drummer, Brian Walsby, is an accomplished illustrator and the brains behind the Manchild comic book series.

A surprise fifth band, Bucket Flush, played around 1:30 a.m. after almost everyone was on their way home. Those who stuck around got a nice surprise, as these U.K. '82 looking Philadelphia dudes were a hoot. Most bands of their type take themselves too seriously, but these punk kids had no problem having a laugh with intentionally goofy songs about toilets and fucking Jesus in the rear. They could probably outplay most of the mohican-sporting kids out there who would not have so much fun at their own expenses. I suppose they are to their brand of punk what Hardskin is to Oi.

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