Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flips score big with '60's-style single

Artist: The Flips
Title: Self-titled 7"
Label: Bancroft Records
Release date: Winter 2009
Vinyl color: Pink

This debut effort from The Flips is a good garage-pop record utilizing the harmonies and storytelling lyrics of classic girl groups.

The band consists of six girls from various Milwaukee-area bands, including Wendy Norton from Plexi 3 and Natalie Clark from The Tuff Bananas both handling guitar and backup vocal duties.

The a-side, "That Girl Stacey," is a story of boyfriend stealing and backstabbing, as a guy named Bobby (nice name) gets stolen away from one of the girls by that good-for-nothing Stacey. The lyrics tell a straightforward story, like The Shangri-Las did with hits like "Leader of the Pack." The story is interrupted a few times by a catchy chorus, which is true to girl-group form. Musically, it mixes obvious 1960's influences with classic powerpop from the 1970's.

Two equally sweet, piano-driven b-sides called "I Still Wanna Be His Girl" and "Baby (It's Gonna Be Alright)" are also superb. The latter is especially pretty, as lead vocalist Betsy Heibler's doubled-up vocals sound best on this track.

This is not your typical garage-rock-played-at-punk-speed band, but it's okay to take a break from that formula for about six minutes while you put on this record.

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