Monday, June 1, 2009

Hussy demo shows promise

Artist: The Hussy
Title: EP of demos
Release date: 2008

A lot can be said about this young, Madison, Wi. based duo, as based on these demos they surely will emerge in due time from a state already known for quality bands like Plexi 3 and The Goodnight Loving.

The best track is "One Time," as Bobby, their guitarist, sings the verses and drummer Heather joins in on the choruses of this fast-paced tune that sounds like a really good Kill Rock Stars release. You know, kind of like one of the newer Mika Miko songs. Maybe that's why this was picked last October by Tobi Vail as her "demo of the week." It's also the longest of the nine songs, clocking in at a whopping 2:13.

"Social Critique" is also a strong track, as it is lighting fast and beautifully sloppy like any good garage-punk song. This one will draw plenty of cliched "that's a lot of noise coming from just a drummer and guitarist" comments we already hear in Atlanta about groups like Jesse Nobody.

Another standout is "Drinking Song," as it's hard to go wrong with a song about drinking, especially one that features Heather's beautiful voice and ends with "cha cha cha."

The band explores what all they can do as dueling girl-guy vocalists on these demos, as they go from call-and-response on "Double Dare" to having Heather provide "yadda yadda yah" backup vocals for Bobby's equally adequate voice on "On The Cover."

This is a good demo, as the band tears through nine energetic songs in only 13 minutes. It's good enough to make you wish this duo would make a stop in Atlanta whenever they tour.

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