Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jacuzzi Boys, Woven Bones, Barreracudas, and North Trolls made for a great lineup

There was not a single weak link in last night's lineup, as two local acts and two visiting bands put on a great show at Lenny's.

Up first were local newcomers The North Trolls. They are a very solid powerpop group that mixes very southern sounds with pop/punk vocals. The drummer's voice is especially poppy, and when he handles lead vocals the band is like a cross between The Thomas Function and something like The Alkaline Trio. They are fast and loud, yet easy on the ears.

The Barreracudas, who are the last lineup of The Hiss plus Warren from Gentleman Jesse on guitar, were next. The band takes on the personality of full-time lead singer/sometimes guitarist Adrian Barrera, as his between-song banter (he was scared at one point he might have his period while wearing white pants) was not much wackier than the band's back-to-basics rock songs about porn, partying, and chowing down on dog food.

Woven Bones, a three-piece from Austin, Tx., was next. They consist of primitive drumming and straightforward and at times psychedelic rock that sounds like a cross between The Velvet Underground and The Gun Club.

The night ended with the unabashed badassery of Miami's Jacuzzi Boys. Lead singer Gabriel got all big-eyed like an owl while belting out his band's South Florida garage rock tunes. One highlight was when the band took a break from semi-serious songs to perform a tune about fruits.

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