Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knife's crew continues to show promise

Knife and the recently reformed 4th Ward Daggers put on a solid show Wednesday at 529, while Derek Lyn Plastic debuted a new lineup.

The 4th Ward Daggers, now featuring Joey on bass, continue to show promise. They now have harmonies to go along with old-fashioned pop songs that were already good enough to be lodged in your brain for the rest of the night.

DLP had an off night, but that was because Warren, their new guitarist, seemingly was not ready to play live. In spite of multiple broken strings and an overall sub-par show, DLP did perform a lot of new songs that should sound badass on their debut LP. Matt Manning, playing his second show as DLP's bassist, was the bright spot, as he is the perfect fit for this band.

Speaking of songs that get lodged in your brain, Michelle and Rachel DJed all night, playing everything from The Go-Go's to G.G. King. In fact, when I first walked in they were spinning "Drug Zoo."

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