Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love City Rockers

Artist:Love City
Title:Love City EP CD

This four-song sampler from Philadelphia's Love City should pack enough high energy, organ-driven rock to get you excited for their upcoming Certified PR Records 7".

"I Can't Stop (The Ringing In My Ear)" is garage rock in the traditional sense, as it sounds more like The Animals than your run-of-the-mill zany garage-punk band. It's kind of like the songs you hear from the more grown-up 60's-inspired acts that play The Star Bar, only way better.

The last track "The Other Side," is another quality track that packs a surprising punch. If The Kinks had come along after punk rock, they would have wrote songs just like this one.

Sandwiched in between the before-mentioned tracks are "The Days" and "Seasons." Both are also solid garage rock tunes with clap-along drumming and dance-along organ parts.

You can pick this highly-suggested disc up for cheap at CD Baby.

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