Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mika Miko add to stong catalog, live sets with new LP

Artist: Mika Miko
Title: We Be XUXA
Label: Post Present Medium
Release date: 2009

Mika Miko's new LP is fantastic, as the band mixes post-punk influences with a modern West Coast sound to create a fast-paced romp through songs likely written to complement the band's highly-touted live act.

The best of the bunch is "I Got A Lot (New New New)", a song with the less-than-perfect harmonies, heavy bass line, and post-punk riffs you're used to hearing if you dig legendary bands like Delta 5.

Another standout track, "Wild Bore", is not new to Mika Miko fans, as a shoddy demo version appeared on the 666 EP from 2007. The new version is far from shoddy, as it utilizes perfectly the two-vocalist attack that makes the band unique.

They pay homage, intentionally or unintentionally, to other punk and post-punk greats through "Turkey Sandwich," which is reminiscent of the wackiness of bands like Family Fodder. "Sex Jazz" sounds like the title of a Rip, Rig, + Panic song, but is less chaotic than anything by Mika Miko's Bristol-based predecessors. Another example, "Keep On Calling", hearkens back to the before-mentioned Delta 5.

The echo-heavy "Totion" also has a post-punk vibe, and it literally ends with a bang.

Other songs like "Sex" (a Urinals cover), "Beat the Rush" and the tambourine-shaking "On The Rise" are very straightforward and likely are better live than some of the band's more artsy offerings.

Here's hoping this 22-minute romp through 12 songs is an indication of how good this band will be live Tuesday at The Drunken Unicorn when they share the stage with The Coathangers and The Strange Boys.

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