Monday, June 22, 2009

Shining Path, Trashcans steal the house show

The Trashcans shared the bill Friday at the Watch Yr Head House with a couple of awesome young bands.

The house is located off Memorial and has a basement in which the bands play and a barn-style garage for chilling in between sets.

Following a two-piece band I totally missed out on seeing was The Trashcans' second show ever. Their debut came only two nights earlier with Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction at Kenny Crucial's birthday party. Despite a funky sounding (in a bad way) guitar amp and a ceiling-hanging microphone even tall folks like Jack have to tippy-toe to reach, things went well for Atlanta's newest trashy garage rock band. "Witch's Titty," an old Barberries song, may be their best song so far, but there's no reason to believe the first batch of Trashcans originals will not be terminally stuck in our heads in no time like "Americana Junkie" and "Habitual" were last summer when half of these guys were Barberries.

The Balkans, Atlanta's best barely-legal band, were next, and these kids show reckless abandon live. Two of those kids have no qualms with rushing backwards into the crowd, and they do this while barely missing a note. They broke out the sparklers on this night. Some other type of firework apparently set something on fire during the last song. No, The Balkans are not The Black Lips, but there's no reason they can't have the kind of fun the Lips had when they were young and playing sloppy shows in local basements. At least they focus their energy on lo-fi music and pyrotechnics and not breaking into people's cars like some asshole(s) did outside during their set.

Shining Path were next, and this group of Alabamians lived up to the hype. This hype I speak of came from none other than Derek Lyn Plastic and the guys and girl from Plexi 3, so I had high hopes. By the middle of the first lo-fi, out of tune in a good way song, Shining Path had me hooked. They had the musical approach of The Trashcans and the youth and entusiasm of The Balkans, so they pretty much mixed every good thing about the previous two acts save The Trashcans' sense of humor.

7 Inch Atlanta favorite Coffin Bound had to cancel, which left Reigning Mother to close. Were they talented? I suppose so, but it all sounded a bit too much like classic rock for my taste. The five-string bass was the first warning sign that we were in for a long set of Ted Nugent and Allman Brothers sounding rockers.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to give you a benefit of the doubt and assume that you didn't mean that anyone at the show was breaking into cars... it happens ALL the time in this part of Atlanta, by street-walking thugs, I can assure you nobody at the show was responsible.

Great review. However, you should give a closer hand listen to a band rather than counting the strings on their bass guitar and dismissing them outright.

Thanks for coming out.

7inchatlanta said...

I didn't say anyone at the show broke into cars, as I don't know who did it, but someone who was in the area broke into several cars, including one driven by one of The Trashcans.