Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stalkers back with another solid single

Artist: Stalkers
Title: In Your Street Today
Label: New York Night Train Recordings
Release date: March 2009

Stalkers are back with more sleazy New York punk with this sling-along/clap-along single.

The title track showcases Andy Animal's instantly identifiable voice, as he belts out solid lyrics beginning with the memorable line, "Rock and roll saved my life tonight."

"Feral Children" lyrically is the intense, punk rock equivalent of "Bad Kids," but the feral children in this song are too busy "running with the dogs" to lament their white trash upbringing. This one is especially intense toward the end, as the band drives this one home and Andy begins growling like, well, an animal.

This single is every bit as good as "Sun's Coming Up," and that tune was an instant classic back in 2004.

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