Sunday, July 26, 2009

7 Inch Atlanta's best songs (so far) of 2009

It seems to be "Best Of (So Far)" list season, so 7 Inch Atlanta might as well throw its hat in the ring. No real surprises here, and it's not too biased as The Customers, Barreracudas and Poison Arrows are 7 Inch Atlanta favorites and they failed to make the cut.

10. "In Your Street Today" by The Stalkers- Here's yet another slice of old-fashioned rock and roll by a good band that's great live thanks to charismatic frontman Andy Animal.

9. "Chicane" by Ex-Humans- Here's a punk band for those of you who hate new punk bands. The Brooklyn-based trio rips through this bitter tune about a girl in a little over two minutes. Its b-side is a keeper, too.

8. "Drug Zoo" by G.G. King- If "Adult Rock" and its flipside did not convince you that Greg King is doing more than carrying on the Carbonas sound with his new band, this tune from the "Last of the Night Wiggers" (blame the name on a bad Black Lips idea that was axed, not the reviewer) demo cassette and an upcoming Rob's House single will make you think otherwise. Click on the song title to hear this one, courtesy of Creative Loafing.

7. "Drugs" by The Black Lips- While their newest album may not flow like the mighty Good Bad Not Evil, it has some great songs, like this brief garage-glam tune that, like The Black Lips' best song, is about juvenile delinquents.

6. "Moped Girls" by Vivian Girls- The latest Vivian Girls offering sounds like most of their back catalog, and that's a good thing. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

5. "Heart Collector" by The Stolen Hearts- Folks who were expecting a Babyshakes ripoff have been pleasantly surprised by this new Atlanta band, as they have already put out a surprisingly great single highlighted by this warning about a no-good heart breaking girl.

4. "Greaser's Lament" by Bobby Ubangi- The late, great Bobby Ubangi's final 7" release included this, a lightning-quick garage rocker penned by the creative mind behind The Lids.

3. "Beat The Rush" by Mika Miko- Any song from Mika Miko's We Be Xuxa would not have been out of place on this list (save "Wild Bore" and "Sex Jazz," which technically are not new new new), as there is not a gelding in the bunch, but this track displays the dueling vocalists and array of musical influences that make this band one to watch.

2. "Bury Me" by The Coathangers- Scramble also provided a wealth of possibilities for this list, and this catchy tune has it all-- Stephanie's gruff vocals seemingly burying Candice's assertion that the girls cannot be intimidated and Julia's "oh oh ohhh" calls.

1. "What Love Is For" by Plexi 3- Pulling off the upset is a B-side that's not even sung by the band's lead singer. Adam, Plexi 3's bass player, wrote and sings this Monkees-inspired tune, while Wendy Norton's familiar voice provides backup vocals.

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