Friday, July 10, 2009

The Hussy and their unique friends split a 7"

Artist: Sleeping in the Aviary/ The Hussy
Title: Split 7"
Label: Science of Sound
Release Date: 2009

The Hussy, a 7 Inch Atlanta favorite from Madison, made their vinyl debut with this split with hometown oddballs Sleeping in the Aviary.

A second Madison band, Sleeping in the Aviary, is a nice suprise here, as they play cooky guitar rock for the internet humor generation. Their side of vinyl begins with "Automatic (For Krol)," which builds tension until its explosive "It's all in the boat you row" end. The second song, "Radio Wave," has a Pixies vibe to it, and it apparently tells the story of the mangled bride on the cover. Speaking of the cover, does it not look like a standard Derek Lyn Plastic cut, paste and catch a ride to Kinko's concert poster?

This Sleeping in the Aviary crew has some free songs on their website, if you do not mind navigating past lots of nightmare-inducing photos of Teri Hatcher, dogs, and puppets. They are also coming to town in August to play 529 with It's Elephants.

The Hussy offered three songs from their first batch of demos I reviewed recently for their side of vinyl. "One Time", "I Got Soul", and "Snakes" sound even better on vinyl.

Every 7 Inch Atlanta favorite should do a split with a band I'm not familiar with, as that makes finding unique, new music hassle-free. If Sleeping in the Aviary is anything, it's unique. They have a barroom singalong tune called "Dick Gere," for crying out loud.

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