Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can Can cranks out minimalist rockers about Judiasm, scriptures

Artist: Can Can
Title: All Hell
Label: Stickfigure Distro
Release date: 2008

Can Can's debut CD, All Hell, mixes post-punk minimalism and with lyrics ripped from the Old Testament and Judaism belted out by Patrick A., the band's charismatic frontman.

All 11 songs are keepers, as fantastic metal-quality drumming from Josh Lamar and Mary Frances Collins' alt-rock riffs and shoegazingly soft backup vocals complement Patrick's voice which, depending on the mood of the song, ranges from spooky whispers ("Coaxed") to righteous shouts ("Widowmaker," which is easily the best song on the album).

On several songs, the band culled lyrics from the Old Testament, with "Locked In" being the obvious example. Regardless of your personal beliefs, you've got to admit the Bible has provided quality material to pop songwriters for years, and Can Can's embracing of scripture is no exception.

Each song begins with Lamar's steady drumming, and the opening of "Future Self" surprisingly sounds a little like a typical Motorhead song. The tribal drumming on the opening of "In Like A Lion/Out Like A Lamb", is also noteworthy, though the song quickly evolves into an alt.-rock song.

This young Atlanta band is willing to tour extensively and put a lot of effort into promoting themselves, so expect to hear plenty from them in the coming years.

Can Can is playing tomorrow night with The Coathangers and Judi Chicago at The Earl. Tickets are $8. Doors open around 9.

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beverly said...

I think I'd rather donate a leg to the Republican party than ever have to see this band live again.