Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coathangers made triumphant return

The Coathangers made their triumphant return to an Atlanta stage last Wednesday at The Earl along with Can Can and Judi Chicago.

The show started at a decent hour, so I totally missed out on Can Can. Lots of folks must have missed them flexing their indie-rock muscles, as the crowd was sparse when I arrived not long after 10 p.m.

Judi Chicago played next, and they played danceable (and instantly disposable) tunes. Much to the delight of the crowd and The Coathangers, they covered "Tonya Harding." It was silly, but that was probably by design. Several Coathangers tackled vocals on this cover, making it seem like a remix of the original. Stephanie declared this live remix was better than the original. Good job, Judi Chicago, even if you are less interesting than sister band Noot 'D Noot.

Once the last Judi Chicago song ended (whether it would was briefly in question), The Coathangers closed out the night with a sloppier than usual yet infectiously fun as always set. There were no balloons or out-of-season party favors this time. Outside of a below-par performance of "Wreckless Boy," the band did well, as their current live set never gets old.
Since the festivities at The Earl wrapped up not long after midnight, the crowd was able to head over to 529 to see G.G. King perform and, more importantly, the Pillow Talk DJs in bikinis.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Twitch

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