Friday, July 17, 2009

DLP shines at rawk show

Derek Lyn Plastic returned to the stage with a new drummer and played to a totally different audience Thursday at The Star Bar's free Big Touble in Little 5 Points show.

The show was headlined by Dropsonic, who have been around for years, and also featured a long-winded touring band called Tent Revival.

The touring rawkers started the show with a set that seemingly was never going to end. Maybe they are called Tent Revival because if all bands were that dull, we'd cave in and believe our grandmothers when they say rock and roll is a tool of the devil and start going to church as there would be no point in frequenting places like The Star Bar because Sunday School would be more interesting.

All rudeness aside, Tent Revival really did play at least 40 minutes. It was like that obnoxious Wreckless Eric show from last year all over again. I'd rather see Wreckless Eric, though, as at least he says funny stuff in between songs. Though the crowd was into it, I do have to wonder why the sound man did not cut them off after about half an hour.

DLP made up for that sloppy 529 show from last month by being spot-on during their first two songs, as new drummer Darren (from Ponderosa), bass player Matt and second guitarist Warren fit what Derek is trying to do with his new batch of songs. When the guitar stap on Derek's guitar came loose, he put down the guitar and reverted to charismatic frontman mode. He did this well enough that it seemed contrived and not like an honest fuck-up.

A few other hiccups occurred later in the set, but that's a punk band for you. I was a little worried the rock and roll crowd would shit all over Derek's brand of punk rock, but outside a girl standing near me who let out an "uuuuhhhhh!" every time the band had to re-start a song and the guy who was flipping a bird as he exited the venue, everyone seemed to be tolerant. If only four or five of the 70 or 80 new pairs of ears will be interested in DLP's upcoming LP, then the band had a successful night.

Dropsonic did not go on until about 1 a.m., but they still seemed to delight the crowd that was willing to stick it out on a work night.

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