Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hardcore galore

Bukkake Boys just posted these shows, including their final appearances before their singer Ruby leaves the states for several months, on MySpace. Watch as the lone Atlanta band that plays out more often than Predator performs with Predator. Also check out Doomed Youth, who are coming off a lengthy tour, and recently reformed American Cheeseburger.

July 30th @ wonder root
Bukkake Boys(last show for a very long time)
Brainkiller(raw HC on deranged sounds like discharge and infest had a baby)
Doomed youth
Die ficken
$7 starts at 7PM

August 2nd @ footklan headquarters warehouse of holtzclaw(turn left onto to holtzclaw of memorial warehouse complex is on the left)

Guilty faces(HC punk from CT on deranged)
Bad antics(HC from CA)
Bukkake boys(last show for a long time)
More TBA..
$7 2PM(show will start early!)

Sept 7th @ 585 Wells st warehouse
American cheeseburger(athens thrash/HC)
Weekend Nachos(heavy ass raging power violence from chicago)
Doomed youth
Die ficken
One more TBA
$7 8PM

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