Friday, July 10, 2009

Jacuzzi Boys repress is hopefully a preview of upcoming LP

Artist: The Jacuzzi Boys
Title: Island Avenue
Label: Hozac Records
Release date: Repressed in 2008 or 2009
Vinyl color: Green

This recently repressed 7" is reason to believe The Jacuzzi Boys' upcoming Florida's Dying LP will be worth several spins, and it will make you hope they make another Atlanta stop when it's time to promote the album.

The title track is one-half a mid-tempo, bluesy song that's very southern in a respectable way and one-half a head-bobbing, clap-along psychedelic nostalgia trip. That's a good mix, to say the least. This one features a second guitarist, and it stays away from too much vocal distortion, so Gabriel's distinct voice comes through loud and clear.

On "Dream Lion pt. 1," The Jacuzzi Boys become slower and mellower and go from playing clap-along to snap-along rock and roll. Where else will you hear "Get down!" followed by much, much less than a campy faux-Johnny Thunders solo?

The 7" ends with "You Should Know," which is a dancealong beach party version of the Jacuzzi Boys' sound.

Though these guys are pretty much honorary Atlantans at this stage, after a few spins of this record you'll wish they were locals you could go see at 529 or The Star Bar on any given Wednesday.

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