Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More than just three chords and a hook

Artist: Bobby Ubangi
Title: Another Girl Like You
Label: Douchemaster Records
Release date: April 28, 2009
Vinyl color: First 100 on blue marble vinyl

On this, the second of three solo releases by Bobby Ubangi, one of Atlanta's finest songwriters of the past decade went a step beyond just three chords and a hook and partnered with some friends for three well-constructed songs.

The title track has Ubangi singing and strumming as expected, but he also plays organ to make this a little more complex than the typical Lids song. Paul McPherson provides drums for this, a standard lament about a girl who is just too much for a sane man to take.

The flipside starts with a real gem, "Greasers Lament." This one starts with a second or two of living room chatter before it launches into a should-be classic to folks who love lo-fi garage rock. Will Greene, another Atlanta mainstay, drums, plays lead guitar and provides backup vocals, as this and the full-length are made possible friends who stopped by Ubangi's house and helped him make the songs in his head a reality.

"Back to You" has that Ramones gone acoustic appeal Ubangi captured on his split Rob's House 7" with Personal and The Pizzas plus a slight hint of surf guitar.

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