Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zoroaster, Spooks, raise money for WRAS

A sizable crowd, presumably of students, came out Friday for the annual WRAS benefit, which was headlined by local heavy metal heroes Zoroaster and super scary supergroup The Spooks.

I came in too late to catch Danger Woman, a local singing superhero. There's a movie about her in the works, according to this Web site. Even if her act looks a bit silly to some, she must be really into what she's trying to achieve, as the lady was outside schilling $1 stickers as if she was possessed by Don West when I arrived.

Thy Mighty Contract were already playing once I made it inside Eyedrum, and it took no time for me to regret missing their first couple of songs. Several familiar faces, including Erin from SIDS, backed a diminutive singer who belted lyrics into a phone, which of course is reminiscent of Mika Miko. If you dig local artsy bands like SIDS or The Orphans, do yourself a huge favor and check out Thy Mighty Contract.

The Spooks made a rare appearance next, and they had a special guest. Jared Swilley had a prior commitment, so the band was joined by guest bassist Bradford Cox. Their short set, made up mostly of songs from their long-anticipated LP, was sloppy and fun, as a side project based on the concept of channelling the spirits of cowboys and other riff-raffs should be. The closer, "Now I'm a Spook," ended with a lengthy jam session that worked better than it should have thanks to the drumming of local mainstay Adam Bruneau. The set was also memorable because Cole Alexander and Joe Bradley always bust out wacky on-stage antics whenever they don the white sheets.

Closing the night was Zoroaster, and even a non-metal fan like myself can tell you these guys have their shit together. They a tight, professional unit that is worlds ahead of the typical Atlanta heavy-rocking bar band. It was loud, exciting, and seemed oh too brief, even though I prefer 2:59 or less pop songs.

By the end of the night, three awesome bands had helped raise funds for the best college radio station in town.

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