Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stalkers, garage legends pair up to cover the Stones

Artist: The Stalkers/The Alarm Clocks
Title: Take It Or Leave It/The Last Time (Rolling Stones covers)
Label: Norton Records

This Norton release, one of several split singles featuring Rolling Stones covers, pairs a new band from Brooklyn, Atlanta's sister city when it comes to rock and roll, with American garage rock legends.

The Stalkers handle "Take It Or Leave It," and both Andy Animal's voice and the soothing organ part makes this cover of a 1966 Stones classic downright mellow. This by no means is a poorly done nod to the Stones, but I would still rather hear my favorite Brooklynites' original material.

The Alarm Clocks are garage rock legends from Ohio, and they provided a cover of a more familiar tune in "The Last Time." It's a well-played, no frills take on the original, and it's a real treat to hear this because The Alarm Clocks were not around long the first time around and to date have only recorded two albums (Yeah and Time Has Come).

This set of 19 singles is still widely available and includes Stones covers by bands like King Khan and BBQ Show, Demon's Claws, The Black Lips, The Seeds, and Question Mark and The Mysterians. Check them out at Norton Records' website.

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