Wednesday, August 5, 2009

7 Inch Atlanta is asleep, but the city is still lively

I've been on vacation since Thursday, but I will be back and even more active with the blog in no time.

While I'm away, check out this show tonight, featuring two awesome local bands and a California powerpop staple:

Saturday should present a tough choice for those who are in town, as The Poison Arrows, Mick Jones (supposedly), and support will be at 529, while G.G. King, The Coathangers, Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction and Jessica Juggz' new band, Pizza Party, will be at Lenny's for the third annual Totally Titties breast cancer fundraiser.


beverly said...

Oh, but Reigning Sound will also be in town. What's a girl to do?

Anonymous said...

Go to Reigning Sound. They're one of the best bands America has going for it.
And Thomas Function is opening, and in ten years, you'll think, "I wish I had gone to the EARL to see them because now I have to pay for parking at Philips Arena while they open for Pearl Jam [or some shit]."

Bev said...

There was never really any question.

Smarry said...

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