Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barreracudas steal show featuring San Francisco punks

The Barreracudas and G.G. King put on a good show Tuesday at 529 when they shared a bill with fellow Douchemaster band Buzzer and their tourmates, The Impediments.

Why a band as awesome as The Barreracudas would have to open for anyone is beyond me, but they started the show right with their growing batch of songs. Highlights included that funny song about dog food, the song that kind of sounds like "Dancing With Myself" and the songs from the band's Douchemaster single.

People who got drunk early may have been confused by mop-topped Milton. Yes, he wore a wig that made it look like Paul McCartney never left town.

The Impediments were next. They share two members with fellow San Francisco punks Buzzer, including a talented young guitarist who looks like he isn't a day older than 19. Their sound is similar to that of Buzzer, though they take a more pop approach to punk.

Buzzer was on third, and there was bad news, good news, and great news about their set. The bad news is they did not play a single song from that fabulous Douchemaster single that came out last year. The good news is they apparently put the kibosh on playing those songs after the before-mentioned young and talented guitarist recently joined the band, and I cannot imagine them being half as good without the guy. The great news is though they played songs I had never heard before, I loved every second of their set and hope to hear recorded versions of these songs.

G.G. King closed out the night with Will Greene on drums, which apparently is a permanent lineup change. Greg and the guys played all the songs you'd know ("Drug Zoo", "Adult Rock", etc.) minus "The Letter" and a couple of new ones.

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