Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suggestions, please

I'm going to do that 7 Inch Atlanta newspaper column in The West Georgian again this semester, though in the spring I was not happy with the results. I have been asked to not write about punk stuff every week, so instead of praising The Coathangers, Predator, Poison Arrows, Baby Dinosaurs, GG King, etc. every week I will only talk about 7 Inch Atlanta favorites every other week.

The only non-punk/garage/indie stuff I like and own that are new-ish is a Helen McCookerybook (The Chefs, Helen and the Horns) folk album and that Guitar Lightnin' Lee double 7" Die Slaughterhaus released earlier this year.

Does anyone have any suggestions for Atlanta-based rap, folk, alt-country, or anything else that has not crossed the 7 Inch Atlanta radar?

P.S. The first column of the fall will be out next week and will be a review of BJ's solo album.


Adam said...

Adron, local tropicalia/psych-folk performer of some fame, has just moved back to Atlanta after moving out to New York City. She's awesome and very friendly and would probably makes a great interview/write-up.

I would recommend going to some shows at the Big House, the mansion on Ponce near the Krispy Kreme. They have lots of great local experimental performers (and recently I saw Carnivores there for the first time too, they kick so much ass!!). Oh yeah you should look into The Back Pockets, who have just taken off for a little tour but will be back in a few weeks and will probably play the Big House or probably Wonder Root in the near future.

Its funny cos I used to go to punk rock shows constantly and stopped doing so a year ago for a number of reasons I dont want to go into. But there is definitely a lot of non-punk stuff going on in Atlanta that doesn't get anywhere near the attention but is flourishing just the same...


beverly said...

Ruby Velle!

7inchatlanta said...

Adam: Adron is a good pick. I reviewed her new free EP recently, and I could recycle some of that mixed with quotes from her.

Bev: I saw Ruby Velle by accident not too long ago and thought she was great.

Facehugger isn't too far from what I normally write about, but I'd love to interview those guys (Paul especially).