Monday, August 17, 2009

Woven walls of sound

Artist: Woven Bones
Title: Janie
Label: Needless Recs
Release date: Summer 2009
Release number: NLR.02

Austin-based punk trio Woven Bones, who have a 12" EP coming out next month, weaved a couple of memorable walls of sound for this, their third second 7".*

The title track is a grimy, shoegaze-style tune that sounds like the love child of The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cramps. Singer Andrew Burr sounds very Southern in an endearing way when he belts out, "And I know, what's going on" on this tale about a cheating ex-girlfriend.

On the b-side, "Let It Breathe", the barrage of bass and simplistic drumming is slowed down to a crawl on that, surprisingly enough, might remind you of The Doors.

* I'm assuming the Hozac single came first and the split with Jacuzzi Boys was the band's second release.

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