Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Woven Bones rarity would totally make you want to see them live tonight

Artist: Woven Bones
Title: With You Alone
Label: Hozac Records/ Hozac Hookup Klub
Release date: 2009
Release number: HZR-029/ Hookup Klub 3

If you're not water-logged like I am, you should consider checking out Austin, Texas' Woven Bones tonight when they play The Earl with The Intelligence and The Carnivores, as they are every bit as good live as they are on records like this Hozac Hookup Klub rarity.

The title track is a good sampling of the primitive beats, grimy guitars, booming bass, and bluesy and very Southern vocals that make up Woven Bones' sound.

The flipside, "Sitting Sick," is just as potent, as the band go full-steam for almost four minutes.

What do they sound like? Well, most reviewers draw comparisons to The Jesus and Mary Chain. If they sound like them, then they sound like the band The Jesus and Mary Chain emulated: The Velvet Underground. The vocals remind me slightly of Suicide if they had been from the swampy South and not decadent New York. Speaking of swampy, you may also notice some slight similarities to Jacuzzi Boys.

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