Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Black Lips play surprise factory party

I say surprise, though I knew about it in advance and scads of people showed up. It was last Friday at a space off DeKalb Avenue near where you turn to go to Estoria. The sound of the band bounced off the concrete wall separating the road from the railroad, so it sounded great outside. So great that paying $3 to get in (thanks, Derek) was a waste. That's not to say being inside would not have been fun. Jessica Juggz and The Mayor of Ponce had lots of fun inside, as both stage dove off the make-shift bar. Jessica and some other folks also entertained the crowd outside with fire tricks. I hope learning you are good at slinging around fire does not involve a lot of trial and error.

The Black Lips played a sloppy show, but it was still a blast. They played a lot of old stuff, with some of their better Vice-era material mixed in ("Drugs", "Oh Katrina", etc.). The Barreracudas played super-early, so I did not get to see them. I did see some chode tag their van in front of a couple hundred people and later pull a box cutter on some of my friends. He fortunately got knocked the fuck out before he could cause any damage and was last seen running away with his face bleeding.

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