Monday, September 21, 2009

Brooklyn brawlers, the Stolen Hearts, and Adrian's panda pin

Josh Martin had a nice homecoming last week, as Brooklyn's Ex-Humans headlined a stacked bill Wednesday at 529.

The Stolen Hearts opened, and they showed why they are one of the best new local bands to debut in 2009. The girls seem more comfortable on stage now (it's their first band), and Greg King and Adrian Barrera delivered, as usual. I initially thought the two guys pretty much played the same thing on stage, but I noticed at this show that Adrian and his panda pin did more fancy stuff than Greg. Highlights included "Heart Collector," which was the set's opener, and the other two songs from the band's Douchemaster debut.

Adrian and the panda (I hadn't seen that thing since the winter) returned to the stage with The Barreracudas. The artists formerly known as The Hiss continue to impress, and this time they added a nice little surprise to their arsenal. It was "Come On, Come On" from Cheap Trick's second album. The style of the song and its use of backup vocals fit The Barreracuda's style, so they did not have to do the cliched "make the song their own." It was a good take on a great song, and I look forward to hearing it everytime I go see one of Atlanta's best new bands.

Ex-Humans closed, and they are one of the best bands I've heard from Brooklyn, our sister city. Josh proved he was a good frontman with Beat Beat Beat and an excellent guitarist with The Carbonas, and he brings all the skills to the table with this new band. Their bassist is as good as anyone you will find. He does not do a lot of fancy stuff, but he is solid. The drummer is also a beast, and he was absolutely exausted once the set was over. Highlights included songs from the band's Full Breach Kicks 7" and some tunes most of us heard back in the Spring when the band played The Earl and Footclan Headquarters.

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