Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coathangers, Baby Dinos, CCBB, and Lovely Eggs play sloppy but fun show

Two local acts, an Athens duo and a couple of visitors from England put on a good show Aug. 28 at The Star Bar, as not even a little drunken sloppiness could ruin a guaranteed night of fun.

Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction, a band this blog has championed since day one, opened and had a solid set. They played all the old favorites, including two performances of "Coke Dick" after Becky from Cars Can Be Blue requested an encore, and a G.G. Allin cover. Their split with Bobby and The Soft Spots should be coming out very soon on Die Slaughterhaus Records.

The Lovely Eggs from the U.K. were next, and they had a fun set with songs about birds and fruit and their favorite American photographer. They, like Cars Can Be Blue, are a two-piece with a boy drummer (sitting behind a tiny kit) and a girl guitarist and singer. Eighty percent of the time, they sound like a folksy pop group. The other 20 percent of the time consists of Holly, the guitarist, shredding like she's in a grunge band.

Cars Can Be Blue, who seem to be one of those bands you always associate with The Star Bar, were next. They argued with each other, shocked people in the crowd who had never heard their lyrics, and overall put on a good set. My favorite moment was when Nate sang "Cycle of Violence" and, as always, whipped the stage with his belt during the song. The random guy behind me looked at his friend and said, "I so didn't see that one coming." I saw it coming and still enjoyed it. Probably as much as the random shocked guy.

The Coathangers closed the night. They were slowed down a little by a night full of alcohol consumption, but even that could not stop them from entertaining the people who had stuck around for one of our city's best bands.

This picture Kevin sent me gives me an excuse to point out that Julia has developed into a good drummer, though that primarily is Stephanie's role with the band.

I shouldn't say "role with the band", though, as all four girls chip in however they are needed.

One highlight may have been Stephanie's rant about how people who heckled them should get up on stage and do better if they can. The Coathangers seem to get better and better, and there's no telling what will be in store for their fans once the girls hit the studio again.

Pictures contributed by Kevin

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