Sunday, September 13, 2009

K-Holes the real treat of a solid bill

Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction had their best show in recent memory and Predator delivered the goods, as usual, but the real treat last Thursday at 529 was Brooklyn garage rockers The K-Holes.

Baby Dinos were up first, and they had founding member Megan on keyboards. The five-piece version of the band is awesome on older songs, though it honestly is kind of odd to hear a keyboard part on "Coke Dick." The group really gelled, though, as they played pretty much everything in their arsenal, including the new G.G. Allin cover, without a hitch.

The K-Holes were next, and though they brought a lot of familiar faces to the stage, I don't think many people knew what to expect. Those familiar faces belonged to former Black Lips guitarist Jack Hines, his wife and former Atlanta musician Julie, and a couple of members of Golden Triangle. Primitive beats (the drummer reminded me of the drummer from fellow Brooklyn band The Beets), lo-fi saxophone playing, and a garage revival take on mixing male and female vocals make for a strange brew, and they also make for something refreshingly different. Someone get this band in a studio. ASAP.

Closing out the night was Predator. They played a short yet potent set consisting of the songs we've all heard before like "You" and "Little Prince" and a few newer tunes. The punk trio has already recorded with Ryan from The Bukkake Boys, and they should have a single coming out soon on Rob's House Records and a full-lenth LP sometime next year.

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A. McNey said...

hey im in k holes thanks for the nice review. we recorded the week of that show at new street but isn't mixed yet. i'll send you tracks whenever we get them, thanks! -andrew