Friday, October 30, 2009

Coathangers, Gentleman Jesse, and Noot play a Halloween bash

No Spooks and Cola Freaks this year, sadly, but if you're in Atlanta tomorrow night you should check out this show:

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've referenced Adrian Barrera (The Hiss, Gentleman Jesse, Barreracudas, Stolen Hearts) and his panda a few times lately, so it's time to introduce you all to Atlanta's most famous wintertime fashion accessory.In this close-up, it looks like the other pin is his comic book thought bubble and he's thinking about the time he ravaged Teen Wolf.
Here he is in his natural habitat: the local punk rock show. In this instance, he's at The Star Bar.
He also took the stage, serving as the unofficial Stolen Hearts mascot.
We all need one of these pins, or at least a fuzzy keychain that can hang with the panda.
The panda wrangles in the ladies. You can't deny it.

Lids CD for super cheap

Goner Records has The Lids' album on CD for only $5.99.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dating Game reminder

I'm tempted to sign up for this Dating Game tonight at the Star Bar. Hopefully, they'll ask what I'd like to do with my life or something like that. I'll say I hope to become a dinosaur. That way, all films and books will be post-apocalyptic.

There will also be a performance by The Stolen Hearts and some type of lingerie show. I by chance am wearing my Vivian Girls shirt on the day I'm going to take pictures at a lingerie show. That's probably not as ironic or funny as I'd like to believe. Regardless, let it be known publicly that I prefer classy "alternative" models.

P.S. I hope Adrian's panda wears something revealing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New pre-orders from Douchemaster Records

Bluesy rock comparable to The Goodnight Loving? Summertime BBQ music back in print? Brian has me sold on these already.
The Mojomatics - Another Cheat on Me 7" (DMR 034). The Mojomatics have been kicking around Europe for several years but have never been formally introduced in the USA. So everybody meet the Mojomatics. They are a two piece from Italy, and they already have three LPs out on Alien Snatch. D~M~R is delighted to offer their first ever US release. Despite only having two official members, The Mojomtaic's records are anything but bare. At the end of the day they are a rock n' roll band, but they can be bluesy as hell without coming off at all swampish. If you're looking for a frame of reference, Mojomatics give a similar vibe to Goodnight Loving when GNL is doing their more upbeat stuff. In addition they've just completed their first tour of the USA, so we hope you got a chance to see them. 100 are on limited edition red vinyl. Edition of 600. Release date is November 3, 2009. Go to to check out an mp3 or to purchase.

The White Wires - Self Titled LP(DMR 033). What a sigh of relief these are finally here. If you're still in the dark on this one, The White Wires are a three piece from Ottawa. This LP was originally released by Going Gaga Recordson Novemer 8, 2008 in a quantity of 325 copies. Those of you lucky enough to score a copy before it went out of print were well aware of how urgently this record needed to be available again, and we are flattered to be the people responsible for that. It's a perfect summer time record yet it is just in time for the holiday season for the second consecutive year. The White Wires have found a harmonious balance somewhere between the lands of goofy and cool, and their songs reflect that brilliantly. This LP features nine songs of maximum sing-a-long-ability without a trace of pretense. A couple of listens and you'll be planning imaginary BBQ's with The White Wires as your entertainment and guests of honor. 100 are on limited edition red vinyl, so buy them up before the November 3rd release date. Edition of 1000. Go to to check out an mp3 or to purchase.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's this about? I'm going to find out and you should join me.

An awesome band, great tunes spun by the Pillow Talk DJs, the Parking Lot Paul stamp of approval, The Dating Game, and lingerie? How can you pass this one up?

Website full of freebies

I found the Free Music Archive the other night, and they've got some good free and legal downloads of live shows and radio sessions by The Pets, Atlas Sound, Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, The Cute Lepers, and more. There is also this Paul Collins Beat session from February, which I do believe features the guys from Gentleman Jesse as his backup band. Am I right, Dave?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enough to make you curious about their upcoming LP

Artist: Coyote Bones
Title: Calm Before The Storm 7"
Label: CoCoArt
Release date: September 2009
Vinyl color: Some copies are purple

Coyote Bones, new to Atlanta via Omaha and featuring David Matysiak from Jey By Day and Rump Posse, show some versatility on this, a preview of their upcoming second LP.

The title track mixes the lo-fi blues-rock sounds of the All Night Drug Prowling Wolves with some more modern pop influences (I hear trace amounts of The Libertines).

"Evergreens" is a beautiful take on the indie folk ballad featuring Matysiak and Adrianna Verhoeven.

If you buy the 7", you get a download coupon for both songs and also "Japanese Sands", an instrumental piece with bird sounds and hypnotic tribal drumming.

It should be enough to make you curious about their upcoming LP, which will be released at a Nov. 7 show at 529 also featuring Thy Mighty Contract.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jacuzzi Boys album preview

Psychedelic swamp rockers Jacuzzi Boys will have a full length LP released later this month by Florida's Dying Records (the label that first unleashed Derek Lyn Plastic on an unsuspecting world). How will it sound? Well, the boys are dancing with what brought them this far, though these recordings sound better mixed than the band's previous 7"s.

Download three tracks here.

G.G. King, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Jeffrey Butzer, and it's about time that guy takes pictures and stops expecting you to just read

Since Mika Miko is splitting, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves is making a run at being the best band with two lead singers. Well, it looks that way in this picture. Truth is, Will Greene just made a guest appearance during the Wolves' last song, which wrapped up a solid set of rock music that sounds like a cross between The Jam's more Motown influenced material and The Clash (who, of course, are the source of the band's name). The Wolves drew a pretty sizable crowd last night at 529 at what was both a 7" release party and the band's last gig in town for a while.

As a side note, isn't it kind of cool the way Tom Cheshire is almost always singing with a cup or glass in hand and he manages to not spill all of his drink?

One man band extraordinaire, scene mainstay, and soundtrack music virtuoso Jeffrey Butzer opened. I think I enjoyed it more when I saw him play with a full band at Kenny Crucial's birthday party back in the summer, but this was still good stuff. To sum it all up, Jeffrey told a couple of intentionally bad jokes and played grown-up music that wasn't boring.

On second was G.G. King, as they played their best old material ("Adult Rock", "Drug Zoo", "Witching Hour", etc.) and a few new ones. It was aurally pleasing and photogenic to boot.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wet Dreams worth the wait

Artist: The Wet Dreams
Title: Here Come The Wet Dreams
Label: Die Slaughterhaus Records
Release date: July 2009
Vinyl color: Some are blue. I'm not sure if those were limited run and some are black.

It took a while for this, a single featuring the musical talents of Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound), Julie Hines (Georgianna Starlington, The K-Holes), and Alix Brown (The Lids, Golden Triangle, The Angry Angles), to come out. The Wet Dreams has not been active in ages, but if you like the music that generally inspires Bradford and old style, female-fronted pop, then this one will prove to be worth the long wait.

The A-side is aurally pleasing enough to make us Atlanta newcomers wish we could have seen this group live back in the day. "Circuit Breaker" reminds me a lot of Shocking Blue with a little digital weirdness replacing the psychedelic grooves. "Teenage Dream" follows and mixes garage riffs reminiscent of The Troggs' "Wild Thing" with brief and mellow post-punk breakdown sessions.

The flipside begins with "Crybaby", an upbeat number with traces of country and western influence that mixes in vocals from Bradford. "The Outskirts" closes the 7" with distorted electronic beats, barely decipherable vocals, and the girls enthusiastically saying "Oh yeah!" in response to Bradford's less than upbeat lyrics.

Hit up Mark at Die Slaugherhaus and grab a copy. These are still available, which is suprising since this could be considered a Deerhunter side project.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vivian Girls' first In The Red release

Artist: Vivian Girls
Title: I Can't Stay
Label: In The Red Records
Release date: 2008
Release number: In The Red 161

This single came out last year right before In The Red re-released the first Vivian Girls LP and served notice that one of the nation's best small labels had added a fantastic band to its fold.

The title track is a drumming clinic. Anyone who thinks girls can't drum, or play any other instrument, should be forced to listen to this one on a constant loop. That's not to say it's bad and torturous on the ears. Far from it. This one has those pop and shoegazing sensibilities and Beach Boys harmonies that make The Vivian Girls stand out from the pack.

"Blind Spot", a Daisy Chain cover, is the b-side, and it's a mellow, drug-induced song with some rather bizarre lyrics. In an interview with Stereogum, the girls say they wanted another weird b-side, as "Wild Eyes" was paired with the unorthodox "My Baby Wants Me Dead." While "Blind Spot" is by no means a bad cover song, it's not as memorable and inventive as "My Baby Wants Me Dead", which sounds like a combination between PiL, My Bloody Valentine, and a singing and bread-making monks gimmick. Here's that slice of dream pie and "Damaged", another one of the Viv's memorable b-sides.

Split 7" features a solid track from Jacuzzi Boys, Woven Bones

Artist: The Jacuzzi Boys/Woven Bones
Title: The Countess/Grown Crazy split
Label: Needless Recs
Release date: 2009
Release number: NLR1

This, the first release by Needless Recs, features a solid track each from Florida's Jacuzzi Boys and Texas' Woven Bones.

On The Jacuzzi Boys side, Gabriel and the boys prove again they've figured out a way to record mellow, psychedelic music for those of us with 3-minute attention spans. This song is simulataneously pretty and grimy. It's well-written yet it sounds like it came right out of a Florida swamp.

Woven Bones are a favorite of mine, and their bluesy take on shoegazing is also very Southern. "Grown Crazy", guitar solo and all, captures this. While we're talking about this song, isn't "Grown Crazy" a song title made to go on the back of someone's jacket? Wouldn't it be sweet to walk around campus with that phrase on your back? Too bad I suck at arts and crafts.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The G.G. King promotion blitz continues

With a lot of other bands touring or not playing out at all, it seems like I'm always posting about G.G. King when I'm keeping things local. That's not a bad thing, though, as they're a good band and good guys to boot.

On Wednesday they will play with Jeffrey Butzer, who plays soundtrack music in a cool Joe Jackson kind of way (as opposed to the uncool Eric Clapton kind of way) and All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, who are a bunch of scene vets who have a good album that's due a review here on 7 Inch Atlanta and a new single that's going to be released at the show.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Why the long face? I'm guessing this cat has not been out of town and away from the internet for two days, meaning she got the chance to read this horribly depressing article. Their show with The Coathangers and Strange Boys now moves further up my list of favorite gigs ever, as it was my one and only chance to see these girls live.

My feet won't take me that far so I've got to ride in your car!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The West Georgian: The Spits pretty much rule

Artist: The Spits
Title: IV/ School's Out (I've seen it called both)
Label: Thriftstore Records
Release date: August 2009

The Spits, one of this decade’s best and most overlooked punk bands, are back with a fourth self-titled album filled with more weird electronic punk songs chock full of catchy riffs and apocalyptic visions.

The group mixes The Ramones’ simplicity and cartoonish tough guy images, today’s lo-fi garage punk sounds and the radiator punk weirdness of classic groups like The Screamers or Devo to create a sound that has made for a string of great albums and sloppy yet amazing live shows.

Their live presentation also includes costumes, and not in an absurd Slipknot kind of way. The Spits have been known to make dinosaur costumes out of boxes or mummy outfits out of toilet paper. When they played Atlanta last fall, they were druids wearing aviator sunglasses. No one outside of Austria garage rockers, Batman and Robin, and possibly your girlfriend has more fun playing dress up.

On their newest album, the band churned out ten more modern punk classics.

The opener, “Tonight,” is the type of bitter anti-love song with pop sensibilities you would expect to hear from some of their U.K. punk predecessors, while “Rip Up The Streets” effectively mixes distorted vocals with simple three-chord punk rock and hypnotic keyboard parts. Actually, that last description covers almost all of their songs since they hit the scene in 2000.

The Spits clearly get a steady diet of American punk and hardcore classics other than The Ramones, like The Zero Boys or Dead Kennedys, as songs like “Live in a Van” and “Police” would not sound out of place on a compilation of domestic punk standards.

“Eyesore City” is a standout, as it has the type of apocalyptic lyrics that go well with sloppy electro-punk. It is reminiscent of an early Spits song called “19 Million A.C.” or some of T.V. Smith’s darker lyrics he penned while with The Adverts.

“School’s Out” is another strong number, with over the top lyrics about slashing your teacher’s tires. At risk of flogging the Ramones comparisons to death, they might have written this one 30 years ago if all four of them and not just Dee Dee had been on drugs.

This album does not let up, as all ten songs are keepers. In fact, this may be their best effort top to bottom, though none of the songs are quite as good as classics like “Remote Control,” “Let Us Play Your Party,” and “Violence Cup.”

Where do The Spits fit when it comes to today’s garage-punk royalty? They consistently put on great live shows, just like Atlanta’s Black Lips, and everything they touch seems to turn to gold, even when they try something new - just like Jay Reatard. It would not be a stretch to say they are on the level of those two groups and also King Khan’s bands.

They hail from Seattle, so that’s a plus in their favor, too. In fact, Steve E. Nix from The Briefs and Cute Lepers was the first person to let me know that Seattle has a hidden punk rock treasure that has been consistent for nearly a decade.

Head to Little 5 Points this weekend and flip through record bins until you see this record’s bizarre cover. It’ll be $12 well spent.

Another feather in the Bay Area's hat

Artist: The Splinters
Title: Splintered Bridges b/w Sorry
Label: Double Negative
Release date: Summer 2009

The Splinters, an Oakland-based all-girl band, had their first single released recently by Double Negative Records, and these two brief songs will leave you wanting them to make an Atlanta tour stop soon or, better yet, release a full-length album of punk and folk-inspired pop songs.

Since they split vocals and maintain a sense of fun while singing about personal politics, it would not be a stretch to say The Splinters are a lot like Austin’s Finally Punk or Atlanta’s incomparable Coathangers. The Splinters rely on solid lyrics and harmonies more so than those other bands, though, as they avoid the 40 seconds of shouting or Casio keyboard sound effects routes (which is not a knock at being angry or a little weird).

The a-side, “Splintered Bridges”, first appeared on the band’s self-made demo CDR, and it was cleaned up for this release without diminishing its rawness. This, like most other Splinters tunes, is a tambourine-shaking good time highlighted by multi-girl harmonies. “I don’t want you to go away, but I don’t want you to stay” is the chorus, and that stays true to the traditional punk anti-love song that has been revisited recently by this band and others, like Brooklyn’s Ex-Humans on their “Chicane” single.

Its flipside, “Sorry”, is a strange brew that sounds like a cross between 90’s folk-pop lyrics and the riffs from a Captain Sensible solo record. This one keeps saying “I’m Sorry If That Offends You,” as if the girls are showing they are compassionate, but that is not going to get in their way when it comes time to be themselves. Some of us, me included, need to be more like that.

To sum it all up, this is folk-influenced music played by grown-up punk kids. It’s like The Dutchess and The Duke if their music was not so depressing.

The Splinters are another feather in the Bay Area’s cap, so to speak, as that region is filled with great music. In addition to The Splinters, they have The Pets, Ty Segall, Personal and the Pizzas, Nobunny, Buzzer and dozens of other great acts. Sometimes, I think I would rather live in the pretend Bay Area than pretend Brooklyn.
How could I not be in love with this?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Video of the week: Cars Can Be Blue

Check out the first official Cars Can Be Blue music video.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guitar Lightnin' Lee: blues guitar legend and Die Slaughterhaus recording artist

Artist: Guitar Lightnin' Lee and His Thunder Band
Title: Call Up The Band
Label: Die Slaughterhaus Records
Release date: 2009
Release numbers: DSH 38-39

This double 7" is a one-of-a-kind in the Die Slaughterhaus canon, as it is electric blues played by a New Orleans legend.

Guitar Lightnin' Lee, a student of both New Orleans and Chicago blues legends, is back, and this time he is backed by men half his age or younger and the son of one of his peers. The famous son is Antoine Domino III. If you are wondering why he's pretty much a prince of rock and roll, well, consider that Fats Domino's real name was Aintoine Domino Jr. The other members of the Thunder Band are younger guys from groups like Die Rotzz and King Louie who look up to Lee the way locals like The Black Lips look up to resident legend The Mighty Hannibal.

The title track is Guitar Lightnin' Lee's tribute to one of his heroes, Boogie Bill Webb, and it is a rock and roll meets electric blues tune in which Lee makes multiple autobiographical statements (didn't blues men make that cooler back in the day than rappers do now, or is it just me?) and even talks about his lady. Domino's piano playing keeps this one rolling along, as it might be the best-played song to ever be released by Die Slaughterhaus.

Its flipside, "Miss. Ala. Bound" is more of a straight-up blues tune than an oldies-blues hybrid. It does mix influences, though, as it is at the same time very Southern and also a nod to the electric blues sounds of Chicago.

The second record in this two 7" set features "If You Don't Love Me" and "When I First Met You", which are standard blues tunes in both style and lyrical content.

For more on Guitar Lightnin' Lee, and to hear a couple of these songs, check out this video:

DNO VIDEO - Guitar Lightnin' from DNO VIDEO on Vimeo.

Cute Lepers still have it, and it turns out The Bite has it, too.

Artist: The Cute Lepers/ The Bite
Title: Blitzinformation EP
Label: Daily Records/Carnus Records
Release date: 2008?
Vinyl color: Orange

This one has been on my to-review list for a while, as I nabbed this one when The Cute Lepers played Lenny's with the Poison Arrows (now known as The Biters)back in March. After giving this one another good listen, I can say with much confidence that my non-sexual mancrush on Steve E. Nix has not diminished a bit.

The Cute Lepers provide a couple of songs, "Some Hits Hurt" and "Police Lights", that feature everything that makes this band a lot of fun. Female backup vocals, sugary without being vomit-inducing lyrics, and some nifty guitar work made Can't Stand Modern Music a keeper, and those elements are at play again on this release.

The Bite are from Poland, according to their Myspace, and they are a pleasant surprise as I baselessly expected old man bar rock, Euro style, but instead got two more good modern powerpop tunes. The singer is a bit more gruff than the typical powerpop frontman, and because of that "Cross The Line" and "In My Town" remind me of The Fishnet Stalkers.

If you want to hear a couple of bands that capture what was good about the poppier side of '77 punk and mod revival music, check out this single.

Road trip, anyone?

Matt Manning from Derek Lyn Plastic's band and I are considering making the trip to Philly Oct. 31 to see The Dead Milkmen. We're most likely to go through with these plans if we can get a carload of people together, so does anyone else want to go?

P.S. I'm well aware that "California Dreaming" is not a B(l)each Boys song. This awesomeness, on the other hand...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New records!

Predator's first EP should be out soon on Rob's House Records. It will feature three songs mixed by Dave Rahn and artwork by Greg King. It's like a latter-day Frantic reunion, right?

RHR also has this promising 7" in the works:
If I weren't an east coast man at heart San Francisco / Bay Area is definitely where I'd want to be as they seem to be the obvious forerunners for the 'best local scene' award. With acts like Nobunny, Hunx, Personal & The Pizzas, Rantouls, Ty Segall, Skipper, Buzzer, etc. etc. they've really been cranking out the hit singles lately. So here's another San Fran band to add to the list: Spencey Dude & The Doodles!!! This, their debut release, contains four amazing pop songs so instantly contagious that we could have split them up over 2 singles and sold 'em like crack but we just couldn't wait to get these out. No worries, we've heard their other 'un-released' stuff and can safely say there's no load-blowing here. Expect many more hits from Spencey Dude. Recorded by Greg Ashley (Gris Gris) and including members of Gris Gris and Dutchess & The Duke. [

Reading that reminds me of how I initially thought Personal and the Pizzas really were from New Jersey.

Trashcans get in on the touring band fun tonight

If you get a chance to head to Athens, or if you live near there already, check out this show Nate emailed me about:

Tues. Oct. 13th @ Tasty World, Athens, GA

Trashcans open for T.V. Ghost (In the Red), Wizzard Sleeve (Jeth-Row, Hozac Recs), and Puddin' Tang!
Doors @ 9 p.m., $5 for 21+ ($7 for under 21)

I know both TV Ghost and Wizzard Sleeve will be playing at The Earl the next night (Oct. 14th) with Thee Oh Sees, but perhaps you can convince people to make the drive over because admission and drinks will be cheap, also Puddin' Tang is one of the best bands in Athens right now. Really fun country-infused garage rock that's heavy on the Bo Diddley Beat. Check it out for yrself:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SIDS makes indie and dance music interesting and exciting

Artist: SIDS
Title: Kandy Kane
Label: Army of Bad Luck, Stickfigure Distro
Release date: It was recorded in 2005
Vinyl color: White
Release Number: ABL004/STICK.14v

Deerhunter member Josh Fauver sent me some records not too long ago, and in the package was this, a repress of his band SIDS' delightful Kandy Kane 7".

We've been spoiled by good side projects over the years (Gaye Blades, The Spooks, Atlas Sound, Lotus Plaza, Gentleman Jesse), and SIDS is no exception.

This release features three experimental songs that would not sound out of place alongside Derek Lyn Plastic and The Spits when it comes time to make a soundtrack for the apocalypse. That's not to say SIDS sounds like DLP or The Spits. This isn't quite punk rock, but if you like punk you'll dig the anger and creativity that goes into these songs.

"Kandy Kane" is dance music on speed, and it is followed by "Moira Mathematics," which sounds like the band broke into an old theater and made use of an one of those organs that rises up out of the stage. The flipside, "Space Manger in a Ranger," has the best title of any song ever released by an Atlanta band. It sounds pretty good, too, as The Coathangers are not the only band from our neck of the woods capable of making indie and dance music sound interesting and exciting.

I've only seen this band live once, and that was when they opened for The Slits and The Apes back in 2006. They played out in the crowd at The Drunken Unicorn and really set the stage for a good night of music that does not fit any mold (The Apes have no bassist and The Slits, well, you know how they sound).

If SIDS still plays shows, they should hook up with Army of Bad Luck labelmates Facehugger. That would definitely make for an insane show.

More power than pop, more pop than power

Artist: The Impulse International
Title: Hollywood Underground b/w Gotta Run Home
Label: Killer Records (Finnish label, pressed in Germany on thick vinyl)
Release date: December 2008
Vinyl color: 400 on white, 200 on red, and 100 on clear

Dirtnap recording artists The Impulse International do not play out much, as 1/3 of the band is in Florida and the rest of the guys are in Brooklyn (which means if you are an Atlanta musician you'll likely be one of their neighbors someday), but they have quite a few solid releases out, including this 7".

"Hollywood Underground" is what The Biters might call "more power than pop," as the riffs and chantalong chorus will remind you more of the music you liked as a punk kid than the powerpop sounds coming from the West Coast. Instead of sugary sweet vocals, you get a tale about the decadence of Hollywood with memorable lines like "we can karaoke this thing out."

On "Gotta Run Home," they flip the script and become more pop than power. It's another well-written number The Boss Martians probably wish they had written first. This one would have been radio-ready a few years ago after The Strokes and White Stripes kicked the door open for bands like The Hiss, but sadly the record buying public will probably miss the boat on this single.

This is one of the better powerpop bands out there, but you already knew that if you were lucky enough to catch them when they opened for Gentleman Jesse and The Weight.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My friend Carolyn's fan art

I put that kickass G.G. King live show taped by James Joyce on my friend Carolyn's Zune, and she insisted on making artwork. Her goal is to have artwork for all of her albums on her Zune. So, an hour later, we ended up with this masterpiece.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Video(s) of the week: My pals Satan's Youth Ministers and The Stalkers

Kurt (hope I'm spelling your name right, buddy) is the Southern-fried Andy Animal.

Agree or disagree?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Early Black Lips and Spooks footage from Halloween 2002

There's lots of young'uns in the audience.

The West Georgian review of The Hussy's latest EP

Artist: The Hussy
Title: Winter Daze
Label: Fistful of Records
Release date: 2009
Release number: afor 015

Madison-based two-piece band The Hussy give notice that yet another solid garage punk band has emerged from Wisconsin with this six-song E.P. released earlier this year by Netherlands’ Fistful of Records.

The band features Bobby on guitar and Heather on drums, and they share vocals. There are several ways to capitalize on having a male and female singer in the same band, and The Hussy do them all, from harmonies to call and response to classic-sounding female backup vocals.

They get to play shows and chill with 7 Inch Atlanta favorites from Wisconsin like Plexi 3, The International Datelines, The Goodnight Loving and The Flips. Those bands are all from Milwaukee, which scene-wise is almost as awesome as Brooklyn and “pretend New York,” a.k.a. Atlanta.

The A-side features three songs already released in rawer form on a demo tape that was released last year.

The best track is "One Time," as Bobby, their guitarist, sings the verses and drummer Heather joins in on the choruses of this fast-paced tune that sounds like a really good Kill Rock Stars release. Maybe that's why this was picked last October by Riot Grrrl legend and Kill Rock Stars boss Tobi Vail as her "demo of the week."

It is followed by “Herbie,” which is sung primarily by Heather. When Heather sings, Bobby usually is relegated to backup vocal duties, and that brings a little B-52s element to the party.

The last song on the A-side, “Drinking Song,” seems to be the most popular with reviewers. It’s a good one, no doubt, as it is hard to go wrong with a cynical take on feeling the need to go out and have a beer just to have a good time and connect with others.

The flipside has three new, upbeat songs on it. “Head Set” is a fast punk tune that utilizes the call and response method of mixing male and female vocals. It also has a sweet-sounding organ part toward the end, which is a nice surprise from a two-piece that normally goes the no frills route when it comes to garage punk.

“Winter Daze” may be Bobby’s best vocal performance to date, and it is fitting to listen to a song that references the changing of the seasons now as it finally is denim jacket and scarf wearing time.

“Turkey” closes this release with some upbeat, pop-influenced thrashing. It’s probably the third best punk song with “turkey” in its title, and there is no shame in taking a backseat to Mika Miko, one of the best bands going today, and The Damned, one of the best ever.

This is an exciting young group worthy of bringing fresh new sounds to your record collection. They are also a group needing to come to Atlanta soon, preferably with one of the before-mentioned Milwaukee bands.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Three week old news: The Coathangers on L.A. Ink

Week old news: Kid Congo Powers conquers L5P

Last weekend, the legendary Kid Congo Powers put on two jaw-dropping performances in Little 5.

Early Saturday afternoon, the Kid and his Pink Monkey Birds played a fun, brief set in Criminal Records. They played their own material, a cover of The Cramps' "Goo Goo Muck," and a song so new Powers had to read the lyrics off a piece of notebook paper. He apparently will have a string new and likely kickass 7"s next year released by In The Red Records. The set was fun, especially when Powers was pulling shapes and subtly shaking his hips. The guys who had "it" back in the day never really lost "it." Powers proved this, as did The Psychedelic Furs frontman this weekend, but that's another delayed blog post in itself.

Opening for Powers at the Criminal Records show was G.G. King. They got to play for a fairly large audience and broke out a couple of new songs. These guys are always fun, and now that Will Greene is their drummer it always looks like the drum kit is about to fly off stage. He's from the Nate Mitchell School of Drumming, after all.

Those wanting more from Powers got it later that night at The Star Bar, as the band came out in vampire capes and played a longer set of Latin, post-punk, and jazz inspired tunes.

Opening the nightcap was Derek Lyn Plastic doing one of his one-man acoustic sets consisting of old favorites and songs from a couple of upcoming LPs and The Subsonics. The latter is one of the best bands this city has ever produced, so when they play the rare gig it is always a treat. Even if they do sing "Die Bobby Die."

Friday, October 2, 2009

Video of the week: Vibrators cover Katy Perry!

Knox kissing a girl is every bit as shocking as pretend bisexuals.

Drugs is Heshers, in The West Georgian (they have no qualms with running the word "Bukkake")

Artist: G.G. King
Title: Drug Zoo
Label: Rob's House Records
Release Date: August 2009
Release Number: RHR-054

Atlanta in the past year has seen the emergence of several good new bands featuring familiar faces, including G.G. King, as evidenced by their new “Drug Zoo” single.

The group features its namesake, Greg King, on guitar and vocals. King is probably best known as front man of The Carbonas, though he has performed with scads of other bands, including The Stolen Hearts, Frantic, Quadiliacha and even the legendary Neon Christ a time or two.

The band’s name is both King’s real initials and a nod to shock rocker G.G. Allin and Ramones bassist turned white rapper Dee Dee King. Apparently, King came up with the “Gentleman Jesse” name for longtime Carbona Jesse Smith’s popular powerpop group, and Smith in turn got to name King’s new band.

His current backing band is three former Carbonas: guitarist Clay Kibourne, bass player Chris Van Etten and drummer Will Greene. Past members of G.G. King, which debuted in the winter, include Mike Beavers of Predator, Ryan from The Bukkake Boys, James Joyce from Noot ‘d Noot and Judi Chicago and Adrian Barrera of The Barreracudas and The Hiss.

“Drug Zoo,” the band’s newest single from New York-based Rob’s House Records, features three cleaned-up versions of songs found on a demo cassette that’s been floating around for a few months.

The title track is two and a half minutes of mid-tempo punk rock with lyrics about junkies whose problems become a public spectacle. When Greg belts out “Oh no” before the short instrumental break, it kind of reminds me of The Troggs. There’s nothing wrong with that, though you would expect that more from one of Atlanta’s numerous garage revivalist acts and not one of its few punk bands.

“Witching Hour” starts the b-side and is a pop-influenced song with a punk rock edge. The muffled lyrics at the end sound like King is spelling something out, so I guess this is a cross between The Zero Boys and Bay City Rollers. Comparing an unofficial Carbonas side project to The Zero Boys seems too easy, but I’m going that route.

The other song on the flipside is a cover of “The Letter” by The Box Tops. You all know this one, as it’s that “give me a ticket for an aero-plane, ain’t got time to take a fast train” song that gets played on oldies radio stations.

The band has covered “The Letter” since their first shows, and over time it has gone from being a punk rock cover that almost comes across as a novelty song, like The Dickies used to do, to being a well-done nod to a classic.

An interesting note on this one is the Alex Chilton connection. Chilton was in The Box Tops, and he was also in Big Star, whose song “September Gurls” was covered by The Carbonas and, more famously, The Bangles.

Check out G.G. King. They along with The Stolen Hearts, Customers and Barreracudas are one of the best Atlanta bands to debut this year.