Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cute Lepers still have it, and it turns out The Bite has it, too.

Artist: The Cute Lepers/ The Bite
Title: Blitzinformation EP
Label: Daily Records/Carnus Records
Release date: 2008?
Vinyl color: Orange

This one has been on my to-review list for a while, as I nabbed this one when The Cute Lepers played Lenny's with the Poison Arrows (now known as The Biters)back in March. After giving this one another good listen, I can say with much confidence that my non-sexual mancrush on Steve E. Nix has not diminished a bit.

The Cute Lepers provide a couple of songs, "Some Hits Hurt" and "Police Lights", that feature everything that makes this band a lot of fun. Female backup vocals, sugary without being vomit-inducing lyrics, and some nifty guitar work made Can't Stand Modern Music a keeper, and those elements are at play again on this release.

The Bite are from Poland, according to their Myspace, and they are a pleasant surprise as I baselessly expected old man bar rock, Euro style, but instead got two more good modern powerpop tunes. The singer is a bit more gruff than the typical powerpop frontman, and because of that "Cross The Line" and "In My Town" remind me of The Fishnet Stalkers.

If you want to hear a couple of bands that capture what was good about the poppier side of '77 punk and mod revival music, check out this single.

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