Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enough to make you curious about their upcoming LP

Artist: Coyote Bones
Title: Calm Before The Storm 7"
Label: CoCoArt
Release date: September 2009
Vinyl color: Some copies are purple

Coyote Bones, new to Atlanta via Omaha and featuring David Matysiak from Jey By Day and Rump Posse, show some versatility on this, a preview of their upcoming second LP.

The title track mixes the lo-fi blues-rock sounds of the All Night Drug Prowling Wolves with some more modern pop influences (I hear trace amounts of The Libertines).

"Evergreens" is a beautiful take on the indie folk ballad featuring Matysiak and Adrianna Verhoeven.

If you buy the 7", you get a download coupon for both songs and also "Japanese Sands", an instrumental piece with bird sounds and hypnotic tribal drumming.

It should be enough to make you curious about their upcoming LP, which will be released at a Nov. 7 show at 529 also featuring Thy Mighty Contract.

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