Thursday, October 22, 2009

G.G. King, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Jeffrey Butzer, and it's about time that guy takes pictures and stops expecting you to just read

Since Mika Miko is splitting, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves is making a run at being the best band with two lead singers. Well, it looks that way in this picture. Truth is, Will Greene just made a guest appearance during the Wolves' last song, which wrapped up a solid set of rock music that sounds like a cross between The Jam's more Motown influenced material and The Clash (who, of course, are the source of the band's name). The Wolves drew a pretty sizable crowd last night at 529 at what was both a 7" release party and the band's last gig in town for a while.

As a side note, isn't it kind of cool the way Tom Cheshire is almost always singing with a cup or glass in hand and he manages to not spill all of his drink?

One man band extraordinaire, scene mainstay, and soundtrack music virtuoso Jeffrey Butzer opened. I think I enjoyed it more when I saw him play with a full band at Kenny Crucial's birthday party back in the summer, but this was still good stuff. To sum it all up, Jeffrey told a couple of intentionally bad jokes and played grown-up music that wasn't boring.

On second was G.G. King, as they played their best old material ("Adult Rock", "Drug Zoo", "Witching Hour", etc.) and a few new ones. It was aurally pleasing and photogenic to boot.

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