Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guitar Lightnin' Lee: blues guitar legend and Die Slaughterhaus recording artist

Artist: Guitar Lightnin' Lee and His Thunder Band
Title: Call Up The Band
Label: Die Slaughterhaus Records
Release date: 2009
Release numbers: DSH 38-39

This double 7" is a one-of-a-kind in the Die Slaughterhaus canon, as it is electric blues played by a New Orleans legend.

Guitar Lightnin' Lee, a student of both New Orleans and Chicago blues legends, is back, and this time he is backed by men half his age or younger and the son of one of his peers. The famous son is Antoine Domino III. If you are wondering why he's pretty much a prince of rock and roll, well, consider that Fats Domino's real name was Aintoine Domino Jr. The other members of the Thunder Band are younger guys from groups like Die Rotzz and King Louie who look up to Lee the way locals like The Black Lips look up to resident legend The Mighty Hannibal.

The title track is Guitar Lightnin' Lee's tribute to one of his heroes, Boogie Bill Webb, and it is a rock and roll meets electric blues tune in which Lee makes multiple autobiographical statements (didn't blues men make that cooler back in the day than rappers do now, or is it just me?) and even talks about his lady. Domino's piano playing keeps this one rolling along, as it might be the best-played song to ever be released by Die Slaughterhaus.

Its flipside, "Miss. Ala. Bound" is more of a straight-up blues tune than an oldies-blues hybrid. It does mix influences, though, as it is at the same time very Southern and also a nod to the electric blues sounds of Chicago.

The second record in this two 7" set features "If You Don't Love Me" and "When I First Met You", which are standard blues tunes in both style and lyrical content.

For more on Guitar Lightnin' Lee, and to hear a couple of these songs, check out this video:

DNO VIDEO - Guitar Lightnin' from DNO VIDEO on Vimeo.

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