Sunday, October 11, 2009

More power than pop, more pop than power

Artist: The Impulse International
Title: Hollywood Underground b/w Gotta Run Home
Label: Killer Records (Finnish label, pressed in Germany on thick vinyl)
Release date: December 2008
Vinyl color: 400 on white, 200 on red, and 100 on clear

Dirtnap recording artists The Impulse International do not play out much, as 1/3 of the band is in Florida and the rest of the guys are in Brooklyn (which means if you are an Atlanta musician you'll likely be one of their neighbors someday), but they have quite a few solid releases out, including this 7".

"Hollywood Underground" is what The Biters might call "more power than pop," as the riffs and chantalong chorus will remind you more of the music you liked as a punk kid than the powerpop sounds coming from the West Coast. Instead of sugary sweet vocals, you get a tale about the decadence of Hollywood with memorable lines like "we can karaoke this thing out."

On "Gotta Run Home," they flip the script and become more pop than power. It's another well-written number The Boss Martians probably wish they had written first. This one would have been radio-ready a few years ago after The Strokes and White Stripes kicked the door open for bands like The Hiss, but sadly the record buying public will probably miss the boat on this single.

This is one of the better powerpop bands out there, but you already knew that if you were lucky enough to catch them when they opened for Gentleman Jesse and The Weight.

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